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The defendant appeals court order revoking his probation imposing a sentence of 25 years in prison. He said the revocation was based in part upon conduct analyst in a patient violation affidavit. He further argues and remanded for resentencing is necessary. Here’s a summary the facts the case. In April 2007 the defendant pleaded guilty to lewd or indecent proposal to a child. The jury sentenced him to eight years in prison. The state was released from prison in June 2013. In March 2014, while under committee supervision, the defendant was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor crime of making obscene or pressing phone call. Based upon this new misdemeanor arrest, the affidavit was filed alleging that the defendant violated his probation by committing a crime.

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The affidavit specifically referenced the misdemeanor number of incorporated allegations of misdemeanor information. It may in 2014 the trial court conducted a probation violation hearing. The defendant conceded on appeal that the evidence at the hearing supported a determination the he had violated his probation by making obscene phone call. During the hearing however, the state also introduce evidence that it immediately following the charged of scene phone call, the defendant made a series of two more calls to the same phone number. At the conclusion of the hearing, the trial court pants oral findings that the defendant violated his probation by making the scene and harassing phone call.

The state did not offer proof, and therefore did not establish that the defendant violated a certain condition. This is something that the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney would highlight the court. The trial court in her from state, the defendant, the defendant’s counsel regarding the appropriate since be imposed. The argument was managers in the series of repeated but unanswered phone calls. Only passing reference was made to addressing the single obscene phone call. Instead, the issues pertinent to sensing centered on the seriousness of the lewd proposal to a child charge. There’s also testimony concerning his history of community supervision and his mental health treatment. Further the court heard a significant number of serious prior felony convictions, including the lewd proposal to a child one.

The written order revocation was three violations is ground for the revocation. One of them was failing to submit to electronic monitoring. The second was failing to participate in sex offender treatment. Lastly, there was the issue of committing the offense of obscene harassing phone calls. The defendant critically contends that in revoking his probation, the trial court erroneously relied upon an uncharged violation. There is a series of 10 repeated phone calls following the single obscene phone call. Revocation of probation based on an uncharged violation deprives the defendant of due process and constitutes a mental error.

When probations been revoked basin the charge of an uncharged conduct, the revocation are must be reversed. This because where there is clear the lower court could have revoke probation impose the same sentence absent been charged conduct. In this case, however, it’s clear from the record that the trial court would’ve remote the fence probation impose the same sense based solely on the charge violation of making and obscene phone call. Therefore, the Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the trial court. Everyman cause to the trial court for the purpose of correcting the revocation order to conform to the courts oral pronouncement.

The defendant was charged with making a lewd or indecent proposal to a child. He did this using a computer system. The jury set punishment at life imprisonment. Unfortunately, he didn’t hire the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney. The defendant argued on appeal whether the evidence was sufficient to support the jury’s verdict. Here’s a summary the facts the case. A couple girls brought a note to their teacher. No indicated that they had a friend if they want to talk, then to email him. Is also a phone number on the note. The teacher gave a note to the principal, who contacted Tulsa police.

After receiving the note, the Tulsa police Detective set up an email account posing as a 15-year-old girl named Francesca. Exchange numerous emails with person using the email address listed on the note. The detective determined that the email correspondence was the defendant. The detective may clear in his emails that Francesca was a 15-year-old girl. It when the email responses, the defendant said that he was 25 years old. The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney will look to see if there’s a possible entrapment defense.

The content of the emails progressed to a discussion of sexual subjects. The defense suggested that he and Francesca get together and talk. He told Francesca that he wanted her to wear something nice and slinky. He also asked her not to wear a bra or any panties. Additionally, he asked her if there’s anything that she would like to do with him. He just told her to be honest. Francesca reminded him that she was 15 years old and a virgin. She also told him that she might want to just be friends and not be intimate.

The defendant asked if she might not want to be a virgin much longer. He suggested that they could try having a little fun but she could tell him to stop. He said that he was stop right away and wouldn’t go any further. The defendant then began discussing Saxony told Francesca that he would be really gentle if she did not like it. He showed her that he did not have any diseases and that he was sterile. They discuss specific details of sexual intercourse. The defendant told her that he loved her.

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