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Some of the cases that Tulsa sex crimes attorney Stephen Cale handles include, but are not limited to: sexual battery, child molestation, lewd or indecent proposal to a child under 16, lewd acts, indecent exposure, online solicitation, peeping Tom, prostitution, taking clandestine photographs, child sexual abuse, forcible sodomy, enabling child abuse, child neglect, enabling sexual abuse, child endangerment, human trafficking, child stealing, kidnapping, rape, rape by instrumentation, spousal rape, date rape, indecent exposure, procuring lewd exhibition, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, rape by a teacher, and others.

After the defendant waived his right to jury trial, the trial court found him guilty and nine counts of lewd acts with a child. The trial court sentenced him to prison for 94 years. On appeal, the defendant contended that there was not enough evidence to support a finding of guilt on each of the forcible lewd acts with a child. Also, he contended that the trial court erred in the pose a consecutive sentences on certain counts. Here’s a summary the facts the case.

Between the ages of eight and 12, a child was sexually abuse by the defendant. He parked areas where the child lived with her family. The child reported the abuse to the place when she was 20 years old. When police arrested the defendant search his home, he admitted to lewd acts with a child. He let place to videotapes of photographs showing him sexually abusing the child. The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney will tell you to never talk to police. The police cannot help you. They will only hurt you. If clients tell the police anything, tell them that you want a lawyer.

The videotapes to do that two different scenes during which the defendant engaged in several acts of digital penetration in sexual intercourse. The other lewd acts with a child were also showing the videotape. Based on the ecstasy to the videotapes, the defendant was charged with a counts of lewd acts with a child. The maintenance contest by the defendant during a bench trial was whether the prosecution prove accounts alleging he committed lewd acts with a child. He contended that for this County and acted with force necessary for conviction.

The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney will fight hard to get you the best possible result in your case. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale understands that your life, liberty, reputation, and future are at stake. That’s why his goal is to get you the best possible result in your case. For aggressive, experienced, and dedicated criminal defense, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale.

Tulsa Sex Crimes Attorney | Lewd Acts With A Child
Considering the challenge the sufficiency of the evidence, the appeals court will view the entire record in the light most verbal to the judgment. It will determine whether contains substantial evidence that is reasonable, credible, and of solid value. If the circumstances regionally testify the trier the facts finds, reversal the judgment is not worded. A reviewing court every ways the evidence door reevaluates the witnesses credibility. The defendant was holding the victim down, he digitally penetrated her against her will. This amount to lewd acts with a child.

The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney will thoroughly cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses. This includes a child witness. Through cross-examination, the criminal lawyer will point out inconsistencies. He will also show a lack of reliability or credibility with a witness. This will seriously undermine the prosecution’s case. One of the goals is to create reasonable doubt. The more reasonable doubt, the better chances of getting an acquittal at trial.

The defendant sex of upcoming the victim’s resistance to having her pants pulled down, bending the victim over, and pulling the victims waste towards him constituted force within the meaning of the statute. The defendant argues that we should reject the authorities which state that grabbing is sufficient constitute force. Since ordinary lewd acts with a child often involves some additional physical contact, a little bit holding in restraining cannot be regarded as substantially different. On that basis, the court concluded that the defendant had not use force when he awakened the victim by grabbing her arm. He also cornered her while she cried and tester press the vaginally area.

Children testified legal proceedings with increasing frequency. That’s why you need the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney to fight your lewd acts with a child charge. Is not for children as young as three or four to take the witness stand. When the individual the stand is a child trial lawyer faces unique challenges. On direct examination, the primary responsibility told the witnesses is to get the story into the record. The experience trial lawyer knows this goal is often easier the said been done. Me self-assured and intelligent adult witnesses find difficult to relate what they know.

Effective restrain the child by placing his hands on her wrist and using his body weight constitutes force. He did this while she try to get away. This is force greater than necessary to accomplish’s lewd acts with a minor. Thus, the evidence is sufficient to support a conviction. Elements were present when the defendant resisted the victim’s attempts to push him away while he was kissing her. He also held the victim tighten hard while digitally penetrating her. On another occasion, he prevent her from leaving while he kissed her and penetrated her.

If you’re facing allegations of lewd acts with a child, look for the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney. Attorney Stephen Cale the Cale Law Office is a highly rated and skilled criminal defense lawyer. He’s been practicing for 20 years and dedicates his practice to criminal defense. He has handled numerous sex crimes cases. To schedule your free initial consultation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.