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Here’s a case from the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals that did not involve attorney Stephen Cale. Amanda resided with his wife and Tulsa. The defendant lived with his mother in the nearby home. The defendant’s grandmother lived near the man’s home. Also, the wife knew the defendant through a mutual acquaintance.

In December, the man was helping his friend move into his home. The two men were the front yard shortly after school let out today. Next, The man saw the defendant’s been down the street in an unsafe manner will school to were walking there by. The man yelled at the defendant to slow down but the defendant kept on going.

Then The man’s friend left to go to another truck to get some belongings. On the way, the man of saw defendant’s car stopped on the street. The man approached the defendant and cussed at the defendant. The defendant responded by asking where the man’s wife was. So the man drove off.

Later the band drove off but the defendant followed him in his car. He chased the man with his 12gauge pump action shotgun. The men noticed the defendant abide him with the gun. The man ran a stop sign and got away from the defendant. However, the defendant visited the man’s home while he was at a friends house.

The web for some and hurt and knocking. Which went to the front door, the defendant called to the woman and told her that he needed her to tell her something. The defendant back in the woman to come to his car. When she complied, the defendant asked her if she had heard those shots. The woman said that she did not.

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