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In one case not handled by the Cale Law Office, the defendant appealed his murder conviction. This guy went to his grandparents home. He then put on a clean shirt of the time of the shirt he was wearing. Next, he collected items for his trip. For example, he gathered things like snacks and soft drinks

His grandfather recognized that it was too early for the defendant to be home from work. So he asked the defendant in quit or been fired. He simply responded yes. Also, the defendant informed his grandfather that he was leaving.

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The defendant told his grandparents that he was leaving. He went outside and washed in the water spigot. When he was done, he stuck his head back inside the house and told his grandfather that he loved them. Next, another witness testified.

Timmy testified that she went into the convenience store around 8:15 that evening. She discovered that the clerk was missing from the store. When she looked into the storeroom, she discovered a pool of blood. So she called the police and contacted one of the other store clerks who lived there by.

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When the girl failed to return on time, her mother started looking for her. She contact the police when she was unable to find her. The sheriff’s department investigated the defendant’s absence from the store. Then, a deputy documented the interior of the convenience store and gathered a DNA sample from the pull blood in the storeroom.

Next, he went to the home of the defendant’s grandpa is to check on his welfare. Using K-9 officers, police discovered the girl’s nude body in the nearby field. Officers put out a be on the look on alert for woman’s car. When the deputy saw the car headed west on Interstate 40, he stopped it and approached the dog.

The deputy observed a large amount of blood in the backseat. He saw this in plain sight. He discovered the defendant seated in the driver’s seat and ordered him out of the car. Once outside the car, the defendant spontaneously stated that he was not driving the car.