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The defendant was in a two-month relationship with the victim. When she handed the relationship, the defendant continued to make unwanted and threatening contact with her. On one occasion: the defendant confrontative physically assaulted a male friend of hers. Also that same day, the defendant analyze the victim’s car with spray paint.

So the victim saw the emergency order protection against the defendant. Deputy serve him on the following day. The defendant pulled the victim’s truck after she left friends house. This was a violation of the protective order. Also, the defendant pulled in front of her yard and slammed on his brakes. This force or to take evasive action.

Then, the defendant pointed hanging out the window and shot of at her car. He also continued to harass her and violate the particular by sending text messages leaving the car window. A jury convicted him a felony stalking in violation of the protective order. He appealed the conviction.

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The defendant argued on appeal that the multiple accounts violate the statutory prohibition against multiple punishments for single criminal act. He also asserted a double jeopardy defense. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals agreed on some counts and dismissed them. If you’re looking for an attorney to handle your criminal appeal, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

Here’s another case from the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. Around 10:30 AM in March, the defendant fatally stabbed Tia inside a bus station. Tia recently broke up a relationship the defendant. She did that in part because of his inability to support their child. So she had enough.

The defendant jury of a measly $620 a month due to his disability. The couple had a stormy relationship. The day before death, she called the detective to schedule a follow-up interview for an assault case. She was in victim in the case. She also previously denied to authorities the defendant had assaulted her. Instead, she claimed another man did it.

During a phone conversation with the detective, she repeated this claim. However she agreed to meet the next day. There that night, TSF defendant text message stating that she was going to officers the truth. So, next in the defendant accosted the woman inside the bus station was result in your cell phone.

Surveillance video from inside the terminal said the defendant speaking to the woman for stabbing her repeatedly with a knife. Also, Emily before the spittle attack, and eyewitness her to yell for the defendant to leave her alone. However, the defendant then stabbed the woman in the back with a knife. This calls blood to gush out from her neck.

The surveillance of you shows the defendant grabbed the victim then stabbing her when she tried to leave the terminal building. Also, the defense to the victim repeatedly after she fell to the floor. The victim yelled for help as the defendant continues having her repeatedly. What gush over Williams as he did this.

Also during the attack, several bystanders try to help pull the defendant off the victim. At one point, bystander can be seen on the surveillance video driving the defendant across the floor or he held onto the woman continued to stab them. Defendant released his grip on the victim only after a security guard spread in the face with pepper spray.

Next, the security guard force the defendant to the ground, and kept in an ordered from the crowd to move away. Authorities found a blood a serrated knife with a bent blade resting a short distance away on the floor. While waiting for police to arrive, security job checked on the victim but found no signs of life. Paramedics arrived and decided to transport the victim to the hospital because the detective if a pulse. However, they were not able to save her.

The medical examiner autopsied the victim. He found seven stimulants during the, head, back, torso and right hand. The medical examiner testified that these cuts were consistent with a serrated blade. He determine the cause of death has multiple stab wounds. Additionally, the medical examiner saw the redness and have it can just in the victim’s eyes.

An officer who was when the first arrive on the scene also testified. He said he removed the defendant from the ground and escorted him out of the station. Because the defendant had a great job blood on his hands in clothing, belts are asked the defendant needed medical treatment. The defendant replied they did not. Also, the incentives are injured in all the blood on him was from his ex-girlfriend.

However, office or still transported him to the hospital where he was treated for customers hands. When a doctor asked about the injuries, the defendant calmly replied that he had stabbed his girlfriend. So, after the hospital released him, place transported the defendant to police headquarters. There they read him his Miranda warning. Unfortunately, the defendant decided to talk to him.

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