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After the defendant, car, he stated that he screwed up a may have killed somebody. The deputy saw that the defendant had blood on his clothing. So, here is the defendant and taken to jail. Investors all that the defendant that dirt on his face and shoulder. He also notices the defendant had blood on the shirt, shoes, and socks. The vascular also saw a mixture of blood and hurt the bottom of the defendant’s shoes.

A deputy but the defendant to the jail. While the deputy gathered defense information, the defendant interjected several admissions. He told the jailer that he killed somebody. Later, he mentioned that he might’ve blacked out. The defendant also asked if he can make bond. He repeatedly engaged in small talk with the jailer.

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In another criminal appeals case, the defendant appealed his conviction for first-degree murder. The case was in Tulsa County. In this case, the defendant fatally shot a woman in the head. The two had met by chance of informal convenience store there their apartment complex.

The defendant routinely carried a revolver. However, the woman did not have a firearm. The two began to argue about the cost of some services. As they walked through the apartment complex, the argument escalated. Defendant shot the woman just above the left ear.

The bullet accident just above the right ear, slightly in front of entry one. Then, the Defendant later claims he thought that the woman had a gun. Surveillance video captured the encounter. A video showed the woman walking, looking ahead all defendant walked about three BC behind her. The defendant ran after he shot her.

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