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The defendants of the car for a few minutes and then drove off. After the defendant drove by a second time, the two men went out on the front porch. From about two blocks away, the defendant fired two shots while still seated in his car. One of the men did not have a gun inside his home. Instead, he only had a pellet gun in a BB gun.

Hoping to scare the defendant, one man shown a red laser pointer from his flashlight at the defendant’s car. In the darkness, the laser show very well. A friend also has a pellet handgun. However, those actions did not deter the defendant’s actions. Start a circle the block around to friends home again.

So, concerned that the defendant which of that house, the man has Wi-Fi inside the back part of the home. He then ran and hid between his house and a neighbor’s home. Against the man’s advice, the friend went to his car to movements of the two avoid doing it shot. He drove the car in reverse out of the driveway and into the street. The defendant fired two shots at the man from the street half a block away.

One of the slugs struck the friend in the head, killing him. After the defendant drove off, the man found his friend who is still running car with a golf ball size hole is for him. The doctor determined that the slug had entered the man’s left for head. The slug to managed several structures and exited the rights of the head. This one caused the friends death.

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Tulsa police department responded to a 911 call. The recover the slug from the back window shelf of the dead man’s car. The officer located two pieces of shotgun wanting one half block away from the man’s home. The man identify the defendant as the shooter to the masking officers. One officer went to the home of the defendant’s grandmother but he was not there.

Another officer found defendant’s car the side of the road halfway between some houses. An officer responded to the fence residence with several other officers. When the approach the house, someone a turnoff some Christmas tree lights. No one answered the door. Helps us maintain a perimeter around the home.

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