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Can also help execute a search warrant on the defendant’s home. He discovered a set of car keys under her mattress and one the bedrooms. Additionally, he found a pump action shotgun the closet and master bedroom. Another detective also helps search the home. He discovered a shotgun shell in the floor the master bedroom. This officer also found a box of 12gauge shotgun shells majora the home. They were the kind that carried 1 ounce slow grounds.

Also, Detective executed a search warrant on the defendant’s car. He found a spent shotgun shell pens to the hinge between the door and upon of the vehicle. Also, he discovered a couple of life shotgun shells in the car. Both of the shells were slow grounds.

A forensic firearm examiner compared to spent shotgun shell recovered from the car with the shotgun found in the defendant’s residence. She determined that the shopping fired from the weapon. Next, the detective interview the defendant in the morning. The amended driving the car but only denied any knowledge of a confrontation with a man. Also, he denied spinning that day.

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An officer confronted the defendant with the fact that his brother and confirmed that the confrontation occurred. The defendant finally acknowledged that the management front of him. He complained that the man called him a bad word. However, the defendant denied shooting at the man while he was running the motorcycle. Instead, he asserted that he did not shotgun.

Likewise, the defendant minute they spoke to the wife. However, he claimed that he had told her to get everything and make the call. When the detective advice the defendant had found the shotgun the house, and other things, the defendant admitted to possessing the shotgun environment day. He claimed that a few hours after the confrontation that the man appointed a laser pointer at him. The defendant claimed it was self-defense.

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