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The defendants are working at a convenience store. He lived outside of town with his grandparents. So, his cousin Clayton drove him to work most of the time. After his training, the defendant started to close the store by himself. On June 6, Clayton drove the defendant to work. They visit for about two hours and discussed his plans to get to California.

Next, they talked about the defendant’s desire to be a mixed martial arts fighter. Because and drop the defendant off shortly before 2 PM. Defendant seemed normal to the cousin the day. Then a six-year-old went into the convenience store to get some candy and a drink. The defendant attacked the team while she is filling up the cup at the fountain.

So he struck the girl and took her to the ground. He strangled her with a chokehold and dragged her into the store stockroom. The role played basketball for school and was in good shape. Once inside the storeroom, she fought back. The defendant attacked her second time.

Then he repeatedly hit her. The defendant brutally beat the girls head, face, neck, and chest. He dragged her across the room causing her head to strike the floor. Also, he stomped on her head, neck, arm, and upper back with an issue. Consequently, the speeding caused her death. She choked on blood in her lungs and died from the blunt force trauma to her head and neck.

Defendant took steps to conceal what he had done in Flint California. He put a sack around the girls had in place her body inside a shopping cart. Then he covered her body with boxes, push the cart out to her car and placed her body inside the trunk. Next, he gathered up some snacks and other food from the store and place them in the car. He drove the girl’s car to us in a secluded area on his grandparents Landon removed her body from the car.

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