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In March, the defendant kidnapped guy named Johnny Lamont. He held them against her will. The defendant in some of his friend shot Lawrence with handguns. They do this with premeditated designed causes death. The defendant also fired a pistol had another guy, trying to kill him. Additionally, the defendant forced the female victim to orally sodomizing.

It was 17 at the time of his actions. It meant to shooting and killing Lawrence. Also, the court had several different sources of information about the defendant at the plea hearing. So, the court heard evidence concerning other offenses the defendant committed. The court file contained records concerning the defendant’s mental capacity.

In another case, the defendant was the estranged husband of the victim. They were in the process of divorcing. The defendant no child support for their two children. The couple’s marital problems begin sometime in 2009. The wife told the family and friends that she was afraid of her husband.

The wife filed for divorce in April 2011. The court awarded her temporary custody of the children. However, the court limited the defendant’s child visitation. During the summer, wife became pregnant with her third child. She expressed plans to move back with her children to her home state of Washington to be in your family. So, the defendant told friends of people he knew that he did not want her to take the children go away to Washington.

Emily testified that the defendant discussed his options. This included killing his wife to get around the picture. On January morning, officers responded to a call that some kids were in front of the wife’s home. The right to notice that the front door the home was open. When the check the home, officers found wife lying lifeless the front of her bed. Someone a child in the head.

That same day, the defendant appeared in court for hearing as child support. You told a woman the children up support. While use of the courthouse, someone told him that his wife was dead.

Woman testified against the defendant. She met the defendant in October 2011. Committed to an apartment together shortly thereafter. After they moved in together, the defendant began discussing the prospect of murdering his wife. The defendant worked as a disc jockey the club. The two spent quite a bit of time there.

They met a guy named Glover at the club. He cleaned the club after a close. He heard the discussions about killing the woman. You can see the plan were Glover would be paid to dollars for killing woman. The defendant wanted the man to kill the woman during the night washers at home.

Defendant told Glover how to get in the house and told him he cannot use a 40 caliber weapon. As because the defendant had once owned a 40 caliber gun.

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This witness testified that the three of the them drifted the woman’s house during the first week of January. The fence that he wanted the woman killed before his child support. On January 9, the defendant Lee a car for one day. He got from a room rental company located at the Sears store at the mall. The defendant to come payday loan that they, make Glover, and gave him $125. Also, he gave him the car they had rented.
The defendant in the mail went to a casino that night return to her room. The next day, the defendant extend the lease on the car for an additional day. That evening, his friend is the one to spend the night out. She agreed. The three playing video games until about midnight. Then, the three turned in for the night. One person went to sleep on the couch.

At around 3 AM, Guy called his friend and told her that the killing was done. She relayed the information to the defendant. Next, the defendant gave her and $25. She drove the defense pick up to a Walmart to meet a friend pay in the money.

Did this has revealed that Brown died from to control was to head. She has a viable unborn child at the time of her death. The scanning officers use video surveillance tapes, wiretaps, cell phone usage data, and interviews before resting the three. A female friend denied her contact and involvement. However, she later confessed to the murder plot.

A jury convicted him of conspiracy to commit murder. They sentenced him to death. So, the defendant decided to appeal. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the conviction. However, the reversed the death sentence.

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