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Early in the morning, officers responded to a 911 call from a citizen. That says instead of a car crash through her fence into her backyard. Officers found a man unresponsive inside the car. He was slumped over the driver seat with a fatal bullet wound to his back.

That and show that the man had driven to the neighborhood to sell marijuana to Remy, who had arranged to meet the man at his house. Little did that man know that two others had can aspire to rob him of his marijuana. The plan was to get the man into the car and make a purchase. Then when the man produced marijuana, the others would rob him.

So, the man got into the car as planned. In the two drove away. When Brown asked where they were going, the other man explained that he did not have the marijuana with him that there was hand to his house to get it. Brown then informed me that he did not have the money with him. So the two of them returned to another house.

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Officers noted the strong odor of marijuana coming from inside Taylor’s SUV. They recovered a gun holster from the parking lot into loaded handguns. Also, they found a bag of marijuana and one man’s pocket. They arrested Brown the next day and another man a couple of weeks later. Both of them testified at trial.

In addition to this accomplice testimony, the state present evidence that connected Mitchell to the murder weapon. Also, they produce text messages that show that Mitchell was an active participant in the commission of a robbery. That was the end of a case.

In another case, the defendant conspired with Brian to deliver methamphetamine to a confidential informant. This informant worked for a drug task force. This guy had previous convictions. He argued on appeal that the jury received improper evidence concerning his suspended sentences.

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