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Here’s a case from the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals that the Cale law Office did not handle. In March, a woman named Michelle took her 14 and 11-year-old sons to grant parents house to spend the night. The next day, the grandfather took the boys home to the mom’s house and drop them off.

Their mother was not at home. So, when Michelle did not come home by 10 PM, the boys walked down the street to see if she was at the apartment. When the boys arrived at the defendant’s apartment complex, they saw the mother’s car parked in the parking lot of the apartment complex across the street.

They tried to call the defendant. However, he did not answer. So the boys walked around the apartments. When they did not find their mother, they went to her car to charge their phones. Inside the car, they found their mother dead in the back seat. Someone had taken her clothes off and wrapped her in a blanket. The boys went to an apartment for help. Next, the apartment occupants called the police. Authorities ruled her death as a homicide caused by strangulation.

Police pieced together information from the woman’s neighbors, surveillance footage, cell phone records of the other evidence to make a case against the defendant. Cell phone records indicated that the woman called the defendant from her home. Later, surveillance video from the convenience store showed a car similar to the defendant’s traveling in the direction of the woman’s house. Also, cell phone records show that someone took the defendant’s phone to the woman’s house from the time and remain there until after 2 AM.

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A security guard patrolling several public complexes in his car notice the woman’s SUV. He did not see it when he had been there earlier. When the woman’s name House to go to work, there was a dark and like blocking his right away. Another neighbor also noticed the Cadillac early in the morning. She had seen it at the woman’s residence before.

Also, surveillance video from the convenience store showed an African-American man with a body type similar to the defendants walking the direction of the woman’s house. About 30 minutes later, the surveillance video showed a green catlike traveling in the direction of the fence apartment. Further, cell phone records show that the defendant medical to the station. That was the location of the last activity on the woman’s phone.

Authorities later found defense catlike part near the bus station. They later located him in Chicago and arrested him on a material witness warrant. Tulsa detectives interviewed him in Chicago. During the interview, he denied seeing the woman on the night she was killed. Instead, he claimed to have less senior several days earlier.

However, when the detectives advised him and evidence to the contrary, he terminated the interview. So, police arrested and charged with first-degree murder and return him to Oklahoma to stand trial. The defendant testified at his trial. Hw acknowledged that he and the woman were friends since 2012. Also, he acknowledged that they had been in a dating relationship in the past.

On the other hand, he said that they were not romantically involved at the time of her death. They remained friends because the used trucks together multiple times a week. They liked to use PCP. The defendant testified that one contacted him ready for a golf work around 1030. He went home, got some PCP, and whatever turnarounds. This both PCP and with the infused all the brought over, she wanted more.

So, they got her car and drove him to his apartment where she left him to tell me her dealer to get more PCP. Next, the defendant testified that he made her leave her phone with him so that she would not sure to come back in getting. You want her to take him back to her house to get his car so he would not have to walk there to get it.

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Next, the defendant testified that he eventually would sleep until the next morning. When he awoke, he knows that the woman had not come back are called. So we started walking to her house to get his car. Also, the defendant testified he went to return to his call plaques his car he knows that the SUV parked in the parking lot. If she had a drug deal there and start panicking because he was worried that something went wrong.

Then the defendant testified the get started operating out of here because he knew that he was when the last people to see her. Additionally, he testified that the woman’s phone died. So he threw it into the trash of the bus station. The defendant knowledge that he drove the car to the convenience store. However, he denied that he killed the woman.