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Here’s a summary of the case not handled by the Cale law Office. In October, the defendant to other women drove around the Oklahoma city looking for some way to come up with some fast cash. The defendant really needed money because her rent was due and she didn’t want to go to work. She and the others used methamphetamine. Discourse in cash, the defendant suggested that the three of them go rob somebody.

After some discussion, when the women suggested that the Rob is grandmother. Within five minutes, the defendant drove to the other side of town with a parting kick to the front door. The grandmother lived there home with her son and his girlfriend. They were falling asleep around 11:00 PM they her three loud bangs followed by the appearance or home of a man wearing sunglasses.

Women walked to the back of the house towards the bedroom. When the grandmother got up to investigate, she found her front door kicked in. She also discovered two other intruders standing inside her home. Defendant had to hang out with a laser site it was smoking a cigar.

Next, when the intruders forced the sun into the bathroom and tried to handcuff him. The back bedroom, grandma told the girlfriend get down the ground. A few minutes later, the girlfriend smothers set around a room table by their attackers. The trio held up at gunpoint. Next, the three of them started ransacking the entire house installed victim’s valuables. This included televisions, purses, jewelry, and food.

Defendant chatted with the hostages as the others ransacked the home. The defendant sarcastically asked the victim’s how their day was going to mention he was a gang member. At one point, the defendant point again at the sun and forced him to help move the television. Also, the defendant forced the girl down over the keys to her car, which was parked in the garage.

The girl try to remit for house key from the key ring, defendant slept during the year, causing it to bleed. Next, the defendant told us As they wanted drugs money. The girl replied that they did not have either of those. After searching the house, the defendant told the victim’s aunt call the place. He said that if he did, he would come back and get them. The defendant and his two accomplices then left not only with the victim’s property from inside the house, but also the car.

However, the girl called police despite the defendant’s threats. She did this by walking over to the neighbors house and calling 911. The police arrive soon thereafter. Also, a crime scene investigator recovered a partially snow cigar to Bel Air the from the door. He submitted it for forensic examination. Also, please found a pair of handcuffs on the dining room table.

Next, several days later plea show the victims of a lineup during which they identify the defendant. They identified him as the black rubber with the gun. Several days later, the defendant give a statement to police which she implicated yourself. That same day, please serves a search warrant at the apartment where the defendant lived.

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Also, please found stolen credit cards. The later attend a search warrant authorizing the collection of the defendant’s DNA. The DNA manager contact the DNA testing of both the scar tip recover from the crime scene the defendants known sample. He developed profiles for both of them. The DNA found on Sicard to match the defendants known DNA profile.

Next, he determined that the probability of selecting an unrelated person at the random was extremely rare. On appeal, the defendant contended that the court should have allowed him to represent himself on trial. However, he requested six months to prepare. He knowledge that he would be held to the same responsibilities as a lawyer. However, he believed that this was the only way to ensure that there is not a miscarriage of justice in this matter.

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At one hearing, defense counsel told the court that the defendant cooperate with him and to spend the defense plan. Just say that the defendant’s refusal to answer the courts question was not appropriate. However, the prosecutor 12 research the issue. The judge agreed and moved on to another matter.

However, the judge later say they were not proceed to trial is scheduled unless the defendant affirmatively stated on the record that is willing to accept assistance of counsel. Also, you want to know whether the defendant would give a straight answer. But, the defendant refused to answer. Instead he said he was ready for trial Monday.

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