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Here’s a summary of a Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals case. A team lived with her grandmother sure lease and eight. The to watch television together in January 8. At the time, the team did not have any visible injuries and appeared fine. So call the team, causing her to go outside. However, she quickly came back inside for some unknown reason.

Then she went back outside. However, this time she did not return. In addition to her purse herself alleging normally did what she left the house.

The team found her grandmother the next morning. She returned home later that day. The team came inside, she mainly love the door behind her. Then she pressed up against the door and slid down the door to her feet. She had visible injuries, including a blackeye and many scratches and scrapes type injuries. So she was crying and screaming.

She appeared to be under a great deal of stress. Also, she told her grandmother that the defendant contacted Herman not let her go. Then she said that to her to attend a renter inside his car. He then to the to his camper trailer or after two more times. Furthermore, the man be heard, held a knife to her throat, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

So the grandmother took the team to the hospital for medical treatment for injuries and sexual assault examination. Medical staff and minute the team to the emergency room and focused on managing her pain. This caused postponing the sexual assault exam until the next morning. Sexual assault nurse Examiner form exam treat the teens injuries. She also began an investigation into a rape allegations.
Next, the seniors documented the teams narrative that included naming the defendant as a rapist. She a detailed account of the alleged crime team perpetrated against her. The same nurse noted in the examination that the team and bruises on her face, neck, arms, and buttocks. She also had numerous abrasion type injuries. Also, the team had numerous other type injuries.

The team told the nurse that the defendant raped her three times, penetrated her heinous with the seniors, forced his penis into her mouth, punched in the face and chest, and strangled her. Her narrative was consistent with her physical injuries. It also included a fractured I saw the, bruising to her neck, which indicates regulation, and discoloration of the National wall panel area. This indicated injury.

Later, law enforcement the rest of the defendant and execute search warrants on his car, cell phone his camper trailer. The defendant also voluntarily participate into videotaped police interviews. He claimed the human tenet been in a dating relationship for a few months. He said that the sex between them was consensual. Deny causing any of her injuries. Instead, he claimed that some of the injuries occurred when the team kind to embrace skirmish with some unknown woman.

Also, he said that the team caused some of the other injuries. For example, he said that herself in the face because she wanted drugs. This accounts the two interviews contain several inconsistencies. Please retrieve the text message from. In a test, she told the defendant that she. This does provide a possible finance assault team.

The team came herself into the detective said she is distraught. PlayStation, the team was unconscious torment from the defendant’s. She and since some of the testing. It was at that time that she died. The question in this case was whether the sixth amendment competition cause printed the prosecution from introducing the teen statements to nurse.

As because the team cannot appear in court defendant obtained across. So, without this testimonial hearsay evidence, the defendant contended that the states evidence was insufficient for conviction. For example, defense counsel objected to the introduction of this evidence on constitutional grounds. By doing that, he reserved this claim for error on appeal.

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