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Here’s a summary of a criminal appeals case that did not work out well for the defendant. He did not have attorney Stephen Cale for a defense lawyer. The defendant arrived in Davenport with his friend Marcus. They wanted to burglarize and still some cars in the area.

They approached the home of the victim around 10 AM. Marcus knocked at the door of the residence. The victim slipped his pistol into his back brace and open the door. Marcus then distracted him with some questions about raking his lease. The defendant was already breaking into the victim’s truck, looking for something to steal.

Next, the victim declined Marcus’s offer to rake his lease stepped outside to direct them to some other potential customers. The defendant saw the victim talking to Marcus and shot his pistol at the victim through the windshield of the truck. The victim heard a bullet whiz past 10. It struck the side of the house.

So, the victim to his pistol returned several shots, winning the defendant in the belly. The defendant returned more shots as he took off running and managed to get away. The victim ordered Marcus to the ground at gunpoint and called police. They arrested him.

Then around 5:30 PM, another resident saw man he didn’t know stumbling along the road and falling down. The resident feared him for a truck. He told his wife call police but the man disappeared. A few hours later, the same man appeared on the front porch leaning against the wall. Defendant told the couple they’ve been hurt in a car accident and needed medical attention. So they invited him into their home and called police.

When police heard their description of the man, they told the couple to quickly clear out the residence. Police later took the defendant a custody eventually transported him to Tulsa. There, surgeons remove the bullet fragment from his stomach. Police never found defendant’s weapon.

On appeal, the defendant argued that his conviction for the crime of assaulting the victim with a deadly weapon had no proof of battery. The appeals court said that it conviction for that requires proof of an assault plus battery. So they modified the conviction on appeal.

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