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The defendant her neighbors have been embroiled in a boundary dispute. One sued the other. As a consequence of this litigation, the court issued a restraining order against the defendant in essence, the order prior to the defendant from entering on the land belonging to his neighbors. When the neighbors testified that early that evening the defendant came over on her property.
He stood 100 feet from the home and screamed and cursed at them while holding an accident his hands. The neighbor called the sheriff for help. The sheriff testified that when he got to the neighbors home, they told him what was going on. He walked over to the defendant to talk with him.
Recall that as he approached the man, he defined himself as a sheriff and asked what he was doing. The sheriff testified that the defendant’s response consisted of swearwords. The defendant then began speaking acts and charged toward the shares. She was able to arrest the acts from defendant’s hands. Sure stated that when he moved in on the defendant, she tries to scratch his eyes out.
Never testified as to the incident from her vantage point. She said that this man did not apply himself as a sheriff. She also said that he spoke very roughly accused her the property should not. That’s when he lunged at her, grabbed her arm, through to the ground and drug her up to the patrol car. That’s when she identified herself and the deputy appeared. Defendant denied that he had attacked sheriff.
She said that she had been holding an ax of the time. However, she said that she was incapable swing the acts due to a medical issue defense witness testified they been working for the defendant for nearly nine years. He said he lived on a property and they had never seen her using an ax. Another defendant’s witness testified rebuttal. She said that she was mutual neighbor the defendant. She saw the defendant cutting down trees is what appeared to be asked.
On appeal, the defendant said that the trial court did not properly instruct jury on self-defense and defense of property. The defense to noncitizens instruction during the trial. The Oakland court criminal appeals have consistently held that a defense counsel, as an officer of the court, has a duty and privilege of helping the trial judge preventing error. This can be done by checking for improper instructions and so many proposed instructions to the court. The record is devoid of objections instructions are not summoned by counsel, the issue is not preserved for review by the appellate court.
Additionally, defense arguments court of her proposition is a hypothetical. Essentially propose that if defense property is a trespasser been raised at the trial, the defendant would not have been prejudiced by the instruction. This concerns the trial judge’s refusal to give the defendant request instruction concerning justifiable assault. Under the evidence presented the jury’s consideration, the defendant was guilty of committing assault and battery upon a peace officer. On the other hand, she was an innocent victim of a brutal attack did not raise a hand to protect yourself or her property.
After a brief hearing on an unrelated juror matter, the prosecutor informed the court that was Bayless had ribbon the Bayless and for the woman she didn’t think that they should be in the bathroom at the time, the road note saying they were to sit in the back.
Defense counsel asked for Ms. trial based on the inappropriate conduct of the witness. The defense attorney argued that normally the jurors cannot have a victim’s mother is until at some point down the road. For example, this can occur when they have testified. The argument was that this was prejudicial against the defendant. However, the court did not question the prospective jurors regarding the ribbons.
The trial court asked the prospective jurors attach anyone wearing ribbons with some writing on them, for prospective jurors raise their hand. The juice of they had seen ribbons but not read them. One juror stated that there was a lady a few minutes ago wearing a ribbon.
The court mice the panel of jurors to ignore the ribbons. The court of my of the prospective jurors of the need to maintain the integrity of the trial. He also emphasized that both sides were entitled to a fair trial with unbiased jurors. The court mice the prospective jurors must not form an opinion or otherwise commits deliberations to completion of the testimony. The jurors stated they would agree to follow the instructions.
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