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Getting a victim’s protective order issued against you once consequences. It can affect your job prospects, dating relationships, the housing prospects. So if you’ve been hit with a victim’s protective order, don’t defend yourself. Hire an experienced attorney like Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has helpful videos on victim’s protective orders on his website as well as YouTube.
It’s important to understand that violation of the order results in a criminal charge being filed against you punishment for violating protective orders up to one month in the county jail. This misdemeanor. Additional violations for protective order could result in a felony charge people is.
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In one case, and the defendant was a driver of the car involved in an accident. This accident cause of death of four people with severe injuries to another. The defendant had a blood alcohol level that was very high. On appeal, he contended that the results of the blood a cultivation other than a minute at trial as he was not under arrest of the time his blood was withdrawn. The Oakland Court of Criminal Appeals is held that a person does not have to be placed under arrest before his or her blood can be drawn toward drug or alcohol testing.
A specific statute addresses fatality accident recognizes that a driver involved in of tell the accident must submit to a drug or alcohol test as soon as practicable after such accident occurs. The appellate court determined that the legislature determined the unique circumstances of telling the accident and the importance of getting medical treatment to all those injured this is possible. The circumstances next to me require providing medical treatment to the injured take precedence over any investigation to cause an accident.
Additionally, fax the case make the two are provision hard to apply to the defendant because it was not arrested until after one month after the accident. Once please have the rest to someone, they had two hours in which to withdraw blood for the blood alcohol test. The case of a fatality accident, where the person is not arrested at the scene or shortly thereafter at a hospital, the police are under a duty to contact the blood alcohol test soon as practicable. The test applies to all drivers involved in the tell the accidents.
He also argued on appeal that the jury was not properly instructed. He’s on the jury should be instructed that the law requires the blood alcohol test must be administered within two hours of the rest. The two-hour window is to withdrawing blood, not analyzing it.
Lastly, the defendant argued that the accumulation of errors denied him a fair trial. In regard to specific errors, he contended that the first stage of the trial the girl toward not get proper instructions on the elements of the offense. However, the Oakland Court of Criminal Appeals is held that the cumulative error argument does not have merit.
In this case, the defendant was tried with the extremely high alcohol content after having been princely convicted of two DUIs and two other felonies. The defendant’s conduct caused the deaths of two people writing with him.’s conduct also cause the death of an unsuspecting driver and passenger approaching the vehicle. As consequence, nine-year-old child severely injured and left as an orphan just a few days before Christmas. His dangerous conduct Henry disregard for human life along with his criminal record warranted the sentence imposed in this case, said the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.
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The criminal justice system can be scary and overwhelming for people who are not accustomed to it, or who have never been in trouble before. That’s when the reasons why you need a lawyer to help you. It’s not advisable to represent yourself even though the other the right to.
If you’ve bonded out of jail, you will need to hire a private attorney. That’s because the court will presume that you enough money to hire an attorney because you bonded out of jail. You will not be appointed to a court-appointed attorney.
If you’ve been arrested, don’t talk about the situation with anyone except for an attorney. Statements that you made to an officer or to anybody else could be used against you in court. Talking to the police or anyone else about your situation will not help you. In fact, it could hurt you. You can talk to an attorney in confidence, knowing that the things you tell your attorney are legally confidential.
If you’re going to write anything down, put the words to my attorney on the document. This will help preserve confidentiality. However, is not advisable to write anything down until after you talk to an attorney. Attorney Stephen Cale takes a team approach to criminal defense. This means that he works closely with his client to get the best possible result for them.
You know that if you hire attorney Stephen Cale will be in good hands. Attorney Cale’s been featured in several media outlets including the Oklahoma and Fox twenty-five. He is a member of the Oklahoma criminal defense lawyers Association and has been admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States. He enjoys fighting for his clients.