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In addition to turning over negative evidence, the prosecution also turns over evidence that’s favorable to the defendant. This is required under the nine states Constitution as interpreted by the U. S. Supreme Court. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said this is one of the first things that he does the case. It can be an effective tool in defending his clients. Attorney Stephen Cale enjoys a good fight in court.
The jury convicted the defendant of murder and sentenced him to life in prison. Here is a summary the case. Defendant and another man went to a grocery store in Tulsa to burglarize it. Patrolman saw them is trying to pry open the lock on the back door. The defendant ran down an alley and entered the residence where he had. A neighbor saw the defendant as he was hiding.
Neighbors told the officers what they had seen. Two officers went to the house to the back where they could see someone hiding behind the door. Identify themselves as officers in order the defendant out. A struggle ensued when the officers try to handcuff the defendant. Somehow, the defendant got a hold of one of the officer’s guns and range of at them.
The defendant fired the gun, striking the officer in the face. Then the defendant fired several shots. Officers returned fire, striking the defendant in the chest. Officers apprehended him later. The doctor performing an autopsy on the officer. Your cover two bullets from the body.
Officials conduct ballistic tests on the bullets. They determine came from the gun that the defendant took from the officer. The prosecution introduced witness testimony. A person at the hospital testified that the defendant admitted shooting proof officers. He related that he had been drinking and had come drunk when he decided to rob the store. He also related the scuffle that occurred.
The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld the right of counsel to exercise wide latitude to cross-examination. Is also ruled that the scope of products examination rests largely within the discretion of the trial court. Additionally, whether not a trial court grants a motion for continuance is up to the sound discretion the trial court. Those actions will not be disturbed on appeal was appears that the court acted in an arbitrary or capricious manner. Defendants are rarely successful arguing this point.
The trial court must instruct the law manslaughter in the first or second degree if there’s any circumstance that could reduce the crime. The defendant also the right to introduce mitigating evidence. This is evidence that the lesson the sentence a jury imposes.

In one case, the defendant for friends had a dispute with some other men. The arranged to meet the guys and fight them. Instead the by their house. Defendant fired multiple shots of the men from his car. When the shots hit the guy. The defendant engaged in a drive-by shooting. The jury sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

The legislative intent to stop people from used vehicles take them shooting of people. States statute focuses on the error that helps conditional shooting. Crimes against the person or separate distinct if they are directed at separate victims. In instances where crimes against the person or involved, even though various acts are part of the same transaction, it will constitute separate distinct crimes. This is so when they have directed a separate distinct person. Double Jeopardy Clause will be implicated where more than one offense occurred during the course of a single transaction. On the other hand, the defendant shot a vehicle at two people several times in rapid fashion.
Drive-by shooting statutes require the specific intent to discharge a weapon in conscious disregard for the safety of another person. To determine the legislature’s intentions, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals will interpret this provision the context of the entire statute. The drive-by provision falls within a certain area of those statutes that also prohibit shooting with intent to kill. Shooting with intent to kill requires the intent to kill any person.

She with intent to kill requires the intent to kill any person. Assault battery with a deadly weapon does not require an intent to injure or kill if the weapon or for shoes is likely to produce death. Simple sought requires willful attempt to injure another person. Simple battery requires only the willful use of force with no intent to injure a person. Additionally, assault battery with a dangerous weapon requires intent to do bodily harm.
Looking at this category as a whole, the lawmakers intended to punish the willful use of force or violence against another.

There’s no double jeopardy violation defendant was prosecuted for to counsel assault with a dangerous weapon against different victims. Anyone who commits acts of violence to place when one person in fear can be convicted of multiple fences in the same statue. The defendant committed 16 acts of second-degree assault. Therefore this requires a specific intent to create fear. Attorney Stephen Cale has handled many cases involving the use of a firearm.

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