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Bosse was tried by jury convicted of first-degree murder and first-degree arson. As to the murder charges, a jury found that he knowingly created a great risk of death to more than one person. Additionally the jury found that each murder was heinous, atrocious or cruel. The jury also found that each murder was committed for the purpose of avoiding or preventing a lawful arrest or prosecution.

At sentencing, the judge followed the jury’s recommendation as to punishment. He sentenced boss to 35 consecutive years in prison on the murder counts. In addition he imposed a $25,000 fine. The defendant appealed from these convictions and sentences.

The Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed his convictions and sentences in 2016. However, the US Supreme Court granted his petition for writ of certiorari and vacated the judgment. Supreme Court remanded the case for further consideration in light of strictures imposed on the admission of victim impact evidence. The facts of the case follow.

In July 2010 a woman, her eight-year-old son and her six-year-old daughter found dead in a mobile home where they lived in a rural area. The woman, who was a single mother, had a seizure disorder and receive so security disability payments. At the time for death, she did not drive nor did she have a job. He messed before her death she bought furniture, televisions, and a laptop computer for the trailer. She bought these items using her so security disability payments.

The woman it’s been a lot of time online on her laptop. She and her children also watch movies and television and played video games at home. Woman put her initials on many of her possessions, including video games and movies. The woman embossed met online in early July 2010 Bosse visit the woman a trailer several times before her death and stayed overnight at least wants. Bosse met the woman stepmother. One weekend while the children were away visiting their father, busted overnight and met the woman’s cousin. The woman told these people that her relationship with boss was the best she had ever been in.

The day before the killings, woman realize that some of her son’s videogames were missing she has to relatives whether her centerleft any games there. Woman taught her mother several times that night. Woman let her mother know that boss was with her and the children. Later that night the woman called the Sheriff’s office to report missing property. The woman, the children, and Bosse were there.

The woman’s mother left for work on July 23 around 7 AM. She looked at the woman’s trailer but saw me to smoke nor Bosse’s truck. At 8:55 AM a neighbor drove by and saw smoke coming from the top of woman’s trailer at the back door. He called 911 and report the fire. Then he drove up to the trailer and honked his horn. He tried to open a storm door but it was jammed. So he walked around the trailer hitting the walls windows. He got no response.

The neighbor looked into the Windows but cannot see anything because it was dark inside. The back door was locked. Neighbor use a hose spray water on the trailer worth. Later he opened the front screen door paint on the closed front door. It was a small hole about the size of a golf ball in the window. There was no smoke from the doors or windows other than a trickle from the small hole on the front window. The neighbor disconnected the Travis propane tank and turned off the electricity.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that the Dibble police chief responded to the 911 call shortly after 9 AM. He saw smoke coming from the west in the middle the trailer. The officer leaned inside and shouted but nobody responded. One of the men touched the front door and it opened. Therefore the heat heavy black smoke. They both noticed that the smoke was heaviest on each end of the trailer. Sin flames began to roll out the front door.

At this time, the men were aware that the woman and children might be inside the trailer. Local firefighters arrived and push their way through the front door. They cleared two of the bedrooms and a bathroom on the trailers North and before running low on oxygen. Another firefighter entered the trailer and began to search one side of the trailer. The firefighters were able to put out small flames in the living room, kitchen and utility room. The master bedroom door was shut the door to that bedroom had a hole in it. When the firefighter opens the door he saw the bodies of the mother and child on the floor they search for the daughter. The firefighters later saw the mother and daughter with charred bodies and covered in Paris. The prosecutor’s expert testified that could for at least four hours before the neighbors on the smoke.

The girls body was severely charred it was in the closet the master bedroom. A chair been under the outside, the closet or preventing you from being opened from the inside. An autopsy showed set her stomach and lungs. There were blood splatters on the walls near the mother’s body. The boys had was partially wrapped in a blanket he had been stabbed five times in the neck and chest.

An autopsy also revealed that the boy had defensive lines and had blunt force trauma over his right I. The mother was closed and a shirt which was pulled up over her upper body in her hands crossed as if she’d been dragged. She had eights tablets turn back and abdomen. There was blood force trauma to the right side of her head. She had defensive wounds on her palm. Blood on a knife that she was holding was consistent with her blood, said Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale.