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Shortly after midnight, to police officers were patrolling a convenience store parking lot. The officer observed a car in the parking lot. He recognized the car from a narcotics investigation involving an individual. As a car drove by, he saw the mirrored driver instead of the seat look away. The officer ran the license plate number of the car confirmed it was a vehicle involved in an investigation. When the officer pointed out the car to another officer, he to recognize to from them math and firearms of the investigation. The officer set up surveillance on the vehicle.

The driver the car stopped the fuel pumps appear to telecasts tank. As he stood outside the car, the officer surpassed and observe him seeking with two people passengers inside the car. The car that the convenience store the officers followed until the car pulled into a private driveway. The officer surpassed and turned around. They waited as the car remain stopped in the driveway. If that was dark, the officer saw what appeared to be people walk behind the car. They then saw the car back of the driveway proceed in the opposite direction. The officers resume pursuit as soon as it can stop the car because it failed to turn signal within atrophy to make an attorney is required by ordinance.

The second officer approached the car in the passenger side. He observed that the mill occupant and moved to the rear passenger seat when the female occupants and moved to the driver’s seat. The officer asked the driver for her driver’s license and proof of insurance, the female pastor replied that neither she nor the driver had a license. During this time, the officer was in for safety issues and saw that the male passenger in the backseat was slouched down and avoid eye contact. The officer asked him for his driver’s license because he had been driving. The man replied that he did not license. At that point, the officer asked him to step out of the car.

Instead of getting on the car, the man immediately leaned forward and thrust his hands down to the four boards near his right leg. The officer his gun and ordered the man shows hands. The ulcer fear that the passenger might be reaching for a weapon or hiding contraband. The other officer drove his weapon as well but may continue to lean forward and said something to the female pastor the Red Sea. The officers repeatedly told the man’s shows hands and get out the car. After a few seconds, the man complied.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that in Oklahoma if an officer or is he on the car, you must comply. Failure to do so may result in being arrested for obstructing an officer. If the officer has impermissibly ordered you on the car, argument for later date. Also, never ever talk to police. The only thing they should tell polices that you want a lawyer. When you do this, please cannot ask you questions.

Was the man was on the car, the officer handcuffed him, patted down, and placed him in the back of his patrol car. When asked for his name, the man falsely defined himself. The officer attempted a record check, but the police department to not identify anyone under that name. Therefore, the officer asked the female pastor the front for the man’s name. However, she only knew him as a nickname. The officer then asked the man for his name a second time. Again falsely identified himself. This time, however, he is a different spelling of the name. The officer took the second record check to no avail.

The member volunteer they had information related to homicides. Individual implicated in a Connex and firearms investigation was the subject of this homicide. The officer mirandized the man. After conferring with other officers, the officer told him he cannot discuss anything related to the alleged homicides until a new the man’s true identity. The man then identified himself as the defendant. Several minutes elapsed from the beginning of the stop until the defendant was Brandeis.

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Meanwhile, the other officers removed the female occupants from the car. At some point, he looked into the rear passenger seat with the defendant had been setting. The car door had been left open when the defendant exited the car. On the floorboard, protruding out from underneath the seat was a plastic bag containing a white crystalline substance that the officer believed was methamphetamine. He retrieved the bag and found a second baggie containing the same substance. He also saw that the driver side rear seat was down. This allowed him to see into the trunk. He saw the broken off but stock of a shotgun. He opened the trunk and recovered a sawed-off shotgun and a second shotgun.

The defendant initially denied knowing there were guns or drugs in the car. Eventually, however, he admitted to knowing that the farms were calmly inside the car. He explained that another man was his roommate and he hopes that man move the firearms from their house to the car. Based on the statements in the evidence that the police officers recovered from the car, the defendant was arrested and transported for questioning by homicide detectives.

Prosecutors charged the defendant with possessing an unregistered firearm. Before trial, he filed two motions to suppress. The first sought to suppress his statements, especially a statement that he had touched the firearms. The second motion sought to suppress the drugs and firearms found in the car. After hearing, the district court denied the motions. Defendant entered a guilty plea to the counts.