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If you’ve been charged with a crime, you should call Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale. Call the Cale law office at 918-277-4800 to schedule your free initial consultation. Attorney Stephen Cale will get started your case right away. Enjoys fighting for people.
Sometimes a client will decide it’s better to take a plea deal rather than go to a jury trial. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale always try to find a way to get a case dismissed. Sometimes it’s not possible. Therefore try to work out a deal is the better plan. When the things that can happen is that a person can be put on probation this can be done by either a deferred sentence or suspended sentence. In both instances, the person is on probation for certain link the time. With a deferred sentence, after the term probationer is over, the case is dismissed. This means there is no conviction. However, with a suspended sentence there is a conviction even though the person was on probation.
When looking for an attorney, you need to find one have several years of experience. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale has nearly 20 years of experience in the legal field. You also need to look for an attorney has a certain area of focus. Attorney Cale focuses on criminal defense. This is important because it makes an attorney more knowledgeable about the subject. You need an attorney who is our to know how want to do. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale’s also a very skilled attorney.
Here is an example of the case to get dismissed. The woman was stopped by a Highway Patrol trooper. She exited the car because the trooper asked her to. He told that dissent in the front seat of his patrol car, which he did. He then began asking her series of questions like where should been or who was in the front seat of the car. She refused to answer certain questions and he became irate. He arrested for obstruction of justice because she refused to answer questions.
Attorney Cale the right away that what the trooper did was unconstitutional. He filed a the where the charge and asked the court to dismiss it. Attorney Cale is well-versed in writing briefs. After submission of the brief to the court, the judge found that the charge should never been filed. Because of fact, the judge dismissed the charge. Attorney Cale’s client was very happy.
When you’re looking for an attorney, you want somebody who will give you quality criminal defense. You deserve the best. We been charged with a crime, your liberty is at stake. He also want to defend reputation. Attorney Stephen Cale as well worth the money. You should gather whatever funds you can to hire him. He will do a good job for you.
To state buildings had some items stolen from the two guys confessed to the burglary. They told police that they had sold several us of the stolen items to the defendant. He knew that they were stolen. One worker drove to Texas with the defendant had a fleamarket booth. Is covered several Tulsa been taken from the burglary. The tools had certain serial numbers engraved on them. The defendant discussed the matter with police and gave them have tools that he had bought from the programmers. However, he denied that he knew that the items were stolen.
The state charged the man with knowingly concealing stolen property. A jury found him guilty. On appeal he claimed that he was denied attorney has preliminary hearing. A person’s right to an attorney is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution as well is Oklahoma’s Constitution. There I can be waived if it is done knowingly and voluntarily. The waiver will not be lightly presumed.
An accused person is responsibility to seek an attorney promptly. This can be done by either hurting attorney or applied to court-appointed counsel. In one instance, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals considered whether the lack of an attorney for the preliminary hearing required reversal of his conviction. A person is entitled to an attorney at any critical stage of the criminal proceeding. This includes a preliminary hearing. The U. S. Supreme Court case the state argued that the mayor hearing was not a critical stage of criminal proceeding in that state. It argued that the state can have elected to prosecute by indictment through a grand jury rather than through the charging instrument called of information. Charged with information the person is entitled to have a preliminary hearing. When a charge stems from a grand jury, there is no right to a preliminary hearing.
The Supreme Court that he if the hearing was not required under state procedure, it was important enough to be considered a critical stage. In another case, the defendant appeared without an attorney in a preliminary hearing. Even though there is evidence that the defendant was indigent, the judge denied court-appointed counsel the defendant was forced represent himself at the hearing. The defendant later was appointed an attorney based on the same information that he provided to the judge. In that case, the appellate court held that the defendant had presented sufficient evidence at the preliminary hearing to entitle him to court-appointed counsel. Therefore she was denied her right to cancel the hearing.
However, the appellate court concluded that the denial of attorney preliminary hearing can never be harmless error. The court reasoned that because a preliminary hearing is to provide for important issues, then a person is be appointed attorney if he or she cannot afford one. The right to a preliminary hearing can be waived if a person fails to object. In this case the defendant had an attorney for short time after was bound over for trial that attorney filed discovery motions that were satisfactory to the defendant.
If you’ve been charged with a crime, don’t delay talking to an attorney. Call the Cale law office at 918-277-4800. Your initial consultation is free. This will be one the best cause that you make if you’ve been charged with a crime.