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When you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a fighter defending you. Call Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale at 918-277-4800 to schedule your free initial consultation. Attorney Stephen Cale the Cale law office been practicing for nearly two decades. Your initial consultation is free.

The open fields doctrine does not allow officers to enter buildings in the field without a warrant. Endorsing open fields doctrine, the U. S. Supreme Court made it clear that it was assuming that police were required to procure a search warrant in order to enter and search the pardon. Ariel surveillance does not violate the fourth amendment. However, the U. S. Supreme Court is stated that the defendant plainly had a reasonable, legitimate an objective expectation of privacy within the interior of its covered buildings. Additionally was also clear that expectations once situs prepared to observe. In ruling that a search warrant was required for a barn, the court noted that saw no reason to give less protection to locked part of the farm residence that is given to a locked trunk of the car. It would. You cannot justify the search of the buildings. Without a search warrant, police officers and a lawful right to be inside the buildings. Police only have a lawful right to be in the field. The plain view exception does not replace the authority to go inside a building simply because they see something incriminating within the building. Placements of a warrant or some other constitutional basis.

When you hire Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale, he will get started your case right away. He will first look to see whether or not the charge can be dismissed because of a defect in it. He also forced the state to turn over evidence that it has against you. He also will file a document that will force the state to turn over evidence that tends to show that you’re not guilty or demolition or mitigate any sentence against you.

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that the people trouble. Take for instance failing to signal when you change lanes. If an officer sees you do this, he has the right to pull you over. It’s often the little things that lead to big trouble. After pulling you over for a simple traffic violation, an officer can see what is in plain view inside the vehicle. That is not mean that he has the right Internet your vehicle, it just means that if you have some kind of illegal substance or property that is the Plainview of the officer, this will give him a reason to arrest you.

Whenever evidence has been offered by the defense on a particular issue, may be said that the evidence is undisputed, uncontradicted or unrefuted. Additionally, to constitute reversible error, prosecutors statements was directly in absolutely, jury’s attention to the chosen failure to testify.

The fourth amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. The U. S. Supreme Court is held that if an officer is justified in believing that an individual this process behavior is armed and presently dangerous to the officer others, the officer made take necessary measures to determine whether the person is and that carry a weapon and it was a threat of harm. However the officer can legally conduct a self-protective search for weapons, it must be able to point to particular facts from which he originally inferred they the individuals armed and dangerous.

Only when officers justified in believing that the individual his behavior reason the skating. This principle applies also where an officer asks a person to lift his shirt.

In the case at hand, the trooper did not articulate any particular facts from which he reasonably inferred that the defendant was armed and dangerous. Instead, he conducted a weapon search of the defendant merely a matter of course. This is a violation of the law and is unconstitutional.

The defendant also claimed on appeal that once the officer a complete his visual search and determined that the defendant was not armed, and the officer had no authority to seize the package. The Oakland Court of Criminal Appeals agreed, said Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale. The only thing that the officer was sure after he saw the object was that it was not a weapon. The identity the contents of the package was not immediately apparent to the trooper. Therefore even if head. Illegally, he had no authority to seize it without a warrant. At the facts of this case, the defendant was subjected to the search and seizure that violated his rights under the fourth amendment. As a consequence, the evidence obtained should have been suppressed.

Attorney Stephen Cale of the Cale law office will work hard for you. He will try to find a way to get the charge attention dismissed. If that is not possible he will try any way to get a good deal for you or work to have you found not guilty and a jury trial. As. Just attorney Stephen Cale, it’s nearly two decades of experience and focuses on criminal defense.