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Every peace officer who willfully exceeds is an authority and executed a search warrant or exercises and with a lesser severity is guilty of a misdemeanor. Additionally, if someone refuses to an officer arrest after being committed to doing so, he is guilty of a misdemeanor.
Anyone who willfully delays was of sex a public officer in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his is guilty of a misdemeanor. However nothing in this provision shall keep a person from recording activity law enforcement in a public area as long as recording activity does not delay or obstruct law enforcement agent in his duties, said Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale.
In 1985, the Oakland Attorney General’s office addressed the issue of obstructing an officer. The question submitted to it was whether a business entity bar a share for’s deputy from entering the property in order to execute process upon an employee of the business. The AG’s office if there are no statutes that spell out where the Sheriff may or may not go in order to execute the process. The penny look at common-law of where the Sheriff may execute that duty. Force is not generally authorized to you execute a process. At common-law, a house cannot be forcibly entered into in order to serve civil process. This still the rule. The maximum the man’s house is his castle nice also the right to force planner a man’s dwelling in order to serve civil process. The question then is whether not, the law allows a service to serve process on the private business property. In 1789, Sheriff was sued for trespass and serving process required the person to whom it was directed to be arrested and held until he posted bail. The court there said it was incomprehensible to send a person to be considered a press who acts in the process the court.
In 1913, the plaintiffs sued deputy sheriff for trespass and serving a search warrant for the plaintiff’s residence. The Attorney General’s office concluded that the sheriff was deputy is armed with the process is given protection of the laws of is not considered a trespasser when he enters on to private business property in order to serve process. In 1976, Duke allegedly committed the crime of assault and battery upon a peace officer. The defendant filed a motion to set aside the information. At the hearing, the judge sustained the defendant’s motion to set aside information because of the fact that the defendant was denied’s constitutional right to speedy trial.
At the close of the hearing, counsel for the state gives notice never the court of its intention to appeal the trial court ruling. The state argued that the trial court committed error by sustained the defendant’s motion to set aside information the grounds that he was denied his right speedy trial. The defendant based his motion on a three-month delay.
The U. S. Supreme Court has held that the sixth amendment protection for a speedy trial is activated only when a criminal prosecution has begun extends only to those persons who have been accused in the course of the part prosecution, said Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale.
The courts will use a balancing test to determine whether not there is been an unreasonable delay for a speedy trial. The court will look at the link the delay, the reason for the delay, the defendant’s assertion is right, and the prejudice to the defendant. These factors will be applied to determine whether not a charge should be dismissed.
Prosecutors charged the defendant with attempting to lead a peace officer. The state sole witness was a place officer who testified that he was driving westbound on the street when he saw an eastbound car traveling across the middle. So the driver of the truck is from the window and throw out an object. The officer turn on his lights made a U-turn and proceeded after the truck. At this point, the truck accelerated rapidly. As a truck press the first intersection, the officer saw flashing pretty lights in a right turn signal. You also the vehicle has a crescent the hill.
As an officer crest the hill, he saw that the truck instead of turning right as a single indicated, pastor the intersection continued on. The truck continued to accelerate. The chase continued for several blocks. Finally, the officer was able to gain upon the truck. There were four persons inside. The defendant was behind the wheel.
On cross-examination, the officer said that during the course the chase, the truck. I momentarily am a crescent Hills and a change hours as possible. However, he said that speech traveled that we been unlikely. He also said he saw no change of drivers.
The defendant argued on appeal that the trial court made an error and rolling his demurrer. He said that the state failed to prove that feminist guilt is unoriginal doubt. Secondly, he argued that the punishment imposed was excessive. When deciding on the issue of punishment. The appellate court will look at all the facts and circumstances of each particular case. The Oklahoma court criminal appeals do not have the power to modify sentence unless it includes the under all the facts and circumstances the sentence so excessive as a subconscious the court.