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This is a summary of the case of James vs. State. It is a 2007 Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals case. James was convicted of rape by instrumentation and lewd molestation in Tulsa County district court. The judge followed the jury’s recommendation and sentenced him to 35 years for count one and 20 years for count two.

On appeal, James raise the issue of the use of the crimes as evidence is case. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals said that if the person is going to be convicted at all, must be by evidence showing guilt of the offenses charged with other evidence in Kay guilt or other crimes. The crimes evidence is not immiscible to show that person is acting in conformity with a character trait. Evidence of prior bad acts may be admissible if it’s offered to show a purpose specifically set out in the evidence code. There are certain factors that are necessary to use evidence of other crimes.

The must be a visible connection between the other crimes evidence of the crime charged. The evidence must go to a disputed issue in necessary to support the state’s burden of proof. Its probative value must be outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice. Further, it must be established by clear and convincing evidence. The jury must be properly instructed on the limited purpose for which the evidence may be considered. If the evidence is offered to show comments keep the plan, and must impress the commission of crimes are related to each other that proof one tends to establish the other. These evidentiary rules are designed to protect both parties in a criminal case.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that he often times tries to get evidence against his client started out. This can be done by a motion to suppress or a motion in limine. Either way, it’s a way to try to weaken the prosecutor’s case against a person.

In the James case, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals said that James was unfairly prejudiced by the crimes evidence which should not have been admitted. As a consequence, it reversed and remanded the case for new trial. The other crimes evidence in the case was extensive. Further, the evidence was 13 years old. The allegations never resulted in filed charges and were filled with credibility issues. Evidence was improperly used substantive proof of James is guilt. Additionally, the jury was not properly instructed on’s limited use. Relying on its mission, this state referred to the case of Myers vs. State. In Myers, the appellate court created a credit greater latitude rule in sexual salt cases, if allowing an otherwise endless pool of the crimes evidence to be admitted even if it was remote a time. However the appellate court concluded that this rule is not workable and overruled Myers to the extent that he created the greater latitude rule, said Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale.

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