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The defendant was charged with attempted rape of first-degree. The jury convicted him of the lesser included offense of assault with intent to commit a felony. The alleged victim went to the lake to relax. Shortly after she got there, the defendant in his truck and got with the stock. He began walking law the lakeshore. He spoke to the woman, introduce himself and she replied to him. The defendant then tied is talk to a tree waited in the water, and approached the woman.

When the defendant came upon the woman, he pushed her down and attempted to rape her. After wrestling with a man for about 10 minutes, he gave up. He told her that she go back to work if she promises not call the police. The woman returned to work but was too upset.

While she was there, the defendant called her at work. The woman told the defendant not car again or should call the police. Then, she went home and went to bed. Her boss called her home and encouraged her to report the attack. She complied, and scrubbed incident to investigate officer. She positively identified the defendant as her assailant.

On appeal, the defendant argued three things. First, he said that the trial court should just sustain his demurrer. Secondly, he said that the court should of granted his motion for directed verdict. Lastly, he said there was insufficient evidence to support the jury’s verdict.

The states only witness testified as to the attempted rape was the victim herself. Other witnesses testify regarding her actions behavior were communally after the incident. These witnesses corroborated the victim’s account of the offense following the alleged incident. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals is present previously held that a conviction for rape can be sustained on uncorroborated testimony of a victim or on slight corroboration with the test one of the victim is not inherently improbable of credence.

Corroboration is only necessary when the victim’s testimony is to inherently improbable to support a conviction. Additionally, the improbability must arise from something other than just the question of her believability. The defendant spaces and claiming that the victim test my requires cooperation is the difference between his count and hers.

According to his testimony, she seduced him. Also, the defendant denied placing his hands on her. This contrary to the preliminary hearing testimony. At the hearing should testify that the defendant placed her hand before attempting the attack. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals said that after a thorough reading of the record. The witnesses testimony was both credible want to believe.

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In Oklahoma, it is illegal to participate in a dual. The doors in combat with deadly weapons file between two persons by agreement. This first became the law in 1910. The punishment for drooling is imprisonment for up to 10 years. This is so even if a death does not result.

The district attorney supposed to act with discretion for the public good. That one of his most important functions. The fact that the district attorney did not file a charge of attempt is in favor of the defendant. The woman hit the defendant did not try anything after that. She moved in the first hearing, she said that the defendant lifted her skirt and that’s all that happened. But she insisted of the present trial that the defendant actually got his hand on her private area.

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Around 4 AM, the woman returned to her home in Tulsa for the club. She just picked up her two daughters for the babysitter’s home. And placed her children in their beds and went to the bathroom to take a bath. She serves heard noises, which she thought were her daughters waking up and getting out of bed. A consequence you of the bathroom door which opens into her bedroom. But instead of seeing her daughter she saw a stranger standing there.

At the trial, she positively identified the defendant as her assailant. The woman testified that she merely slammed the bathroom door and into his face. However she realized that she was in the room with a two dollars she grabbed her rope, she is the man was she was doing and her house. The defendant answer that he wanted to talk to her and that she went along, nobody would get her.

Even post the woman onto her bed and started wrestling with her. The defendant opened the woman’s room, grabbed her and test her private area. The will continue to wrestle with the man completed for him to leave. The commotion woke up the girls who started derived from the house. The defendant grabbed one the kids and pushed her down the bed with the mother. Child took off running again.

The woman he mainly called the police and told him what had happened. She gave him a detailed account describing the defendant and said that the lighting was good at the time that he entered her house. The defendant appealed his conviction.

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