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Prosecutors charged the defendant with attempt to manufacture the controlled dangerous substance. The jury convicted him and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. He appealed. Here’s a summary the facts of the case.

Police arrested the transvestite for impersonating a female and soliciting prostitution. The defendant print the arresting officer with an offer to the officer with a clients investigation return for leniency. The officer agreed to set up a death of a from the defendant is the transvestite’s informant. A few days later tend to the sting operation. The officer picked up the informant the residence after he failed to appear the the the place. Three men that went to the park where the men think that they charge over to the shopping center in another part of town. The part of the law.

There, the doctor convicted faith the robot a search of the informant in order to determined that the informant did not have any narcotics hidden on his person. The officer searches the clothing the informant. They did not find any narcotics. Then, the officers attached a recording device to the informant. They accompanied the informant back to the mall parking lot.

The officers then research the car to make sure there were no drugs inside. The making the informer $100 to make the buy. The officers went across the street failed to buy the informant would the defendant’s handles, he entered through a garage door. The defendant, the informant and another person were inside the house. The informant testified that he had the way they are by from defendant is alleged.

After a short in camera hearing, the DA asked informant if he understood that he was testifying under oath. Informant answer that he did. After doing so the informant changes version of the events. He said that he entered the defendant’s house, gave him the $100 that the officer to give him. Exchange, the defendant gave the informant to small tinfoil packages of heroin. While inside, the informant also injected himself with one the two packets of heroin.

The defendant testified on his own behalf. He was the only witness. He testified that the informant came into the house and asked for something for his head. The defendant without to strive way to look for his newspaper. He looked underneath the car that was parked there. He testified that the informant lived with him and his wife in the same house. He had never tried by everyone from them either before or during the drug sting. He also said that he did not see any heroin or anyone shooting up with a question. He also testified to having a fight with the officer sometime in the past. He said the officer had threatened to send it back to the prison.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that rarely will a defendant testified. He the defendant is not required to testify. He’s presumed to be innocent. There are some instances in which the defendant should testify. Whether not a person should testify at trial depends on the circumstances of the case. The prosecution has the burden of proving a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

On appeal, the defendant questioned the testimony of the informant. He said that the informant changed his testimony after the DA asked if he understood that he was under of. The defendant argued that this constituted improper impeachment the state sole witness. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals disagreed. The judge allows the disc attorney to ask leading questions with appeared that the informant was hostile or evasive. When the witnesses called by a party and is unfriendly or appear to the questions asked. The trial court has the discretion to permit a party to ask leading questions refreshed the recollection as a witness.

Secondly, the defendant argued on appeal that the evidence was not sufficient to support the verdict. He argued that the Cale the transaction given by the informant was inconsistent. The Court of Appeals, however, disagreed. The defendant also said that the trial court gave them proper jury instructions. The appellate court said that the judge’s instructions were corrected allowing the defendant’s prior federal conviction to be used to enhance punishment. There’s a specific provision of a controlled dangerous substances act that applies to prior convictions.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, it’s important that you call Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale. For your free initial consultation at the Cale law office, call 918-277-4800. Attorney Stephen Cale has been practicing for nearly 2 decades. His practice focuses on criminal defense. Attorney Stephen Cale has many five-star Google ratings. Clients are happy with his representation.

Attorney Cale will get started your case right away. He will begin by looking to see whether not the charge is valid. If the prosecution has not worded a charge correctly, attorney Cale will file a motion to have the charge dismissed. He has had success in this area on the other cases.

He will also follow motion for the state to produce evidence in the case. This includes not only evidence that may not be favorable to his client, but also favorable evidence. After reviewing the evidence, attorney Cale will look to see if there’s another way to get a charge dismissed. This is a primary goal for attorney Stephen Cale.

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