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Being charged with a crime against a child is a serious matter. For the best Tulsa criminal defense attorney call the Cale law office at 918-277-4800. You’ll be able to schedule a free initial consultation. You also get a free defense strategy plan.

Sexual abuse or exploitation of a child occurs in three instances. All three involve a willful or malicious conduct of the defendant. The first one involves rape, incest, or making lewd or indecent proposals to a child younger than 18 or 12. The second instance concerns encouraging, allowing, or permitting a child under 18 or 12 to engage in prostitution. Lastly, there is conduct concerning encouraging, allowing, or permitting lewd, obscene, pornographic filming, photography, or depiction of a child under 18 or 12. Enhance punishment for sexual abuse and exploitation of a child under 12 years old was added in 2007.

Failure to pay child support can result in a felony charge in some instances. It happens when something willfully lawful excuse his delinquent child support payments from within $5,000 more than one year. It is further a crime to leave the state to avoid providing child support. It is also illegal to leave the state to avoid providing necessary medical attention for the child for him as a duty to provide such attention. The duty to provide medical attention means that the person must provide medical treatment in a manner and on the occasions that an ordinarily prudent person, who is concerned with the welfare of a child, would provide. A person is not liable for found to provide medical attention for every minor for trivial complaints a child may have.

What constitutes contributing to the delinquency of a minor is simple. In order for a person to be convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person knowingly or willfully caused, aided, embedded, or encourage the child under 18 years old to be or become a delinquent or runaway. Neglect of a drag or alcohol dependent child occurs when a person with legal custody of a drug or alcohol dependent child willfully omits to provide treatment for the child in a manner that a prudent person would.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale says that these types of crimes can be highly emotional for a jury. It’s important to emphasize that a person stands as not guilty unless the state is proving its crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, a skilled attorney who will give a jury detail is important the lawyer will have to overcome the emotional component and try to have the jury use logic instead. The charge of a crime against a child automatically gives someone a black eye so to speak even though he hasn’t been found guilty.

A regular jury is different than a grand jury. Under the Constitution, a grand jury can be convened by order of the District Judge after a proper petition has been filed. A judge will be appointed to conduct a grand jury. Names for the grand jurors are selected as provided by law. Grand jurors will be summoned and impaneled to investigate matters that the judge set forth in certain instructions. He will inform the grand jurors that they have been asked to investigate certain things. As grand jurors, they have the power to inquire into whether a crime or crimes have been committed. What if you could avoid prison by hiring the best Tulsa criminal defense attorney?

Grand jury has the power to inquire into all public offenses that are committed against state and to present them to the court by indictment in writing. However, the convening of the grand jury does not do away with the right of the District Attorney’s Office to file charges, to conduct preliminary hearings, or conduct other routine matters. Grand juries also inspect any public institution in the county where it is convened. Grand jury is also entitled to look at any public records in the county free of charge. The law requires that the grand jury make a personal inspection of the condition of the county jail as to the sufficiency for safekeeping of prisoners, and to inspect the rules and regulations of the jail. It also makes any recommendations seem proper as far as jail inspections go. Grand jury is also required to inquire into the condition and management of a prison that’s located within the county where the grand jury’s convened.

Any member of the grand jury can ask a witness questions. At the request of the accused, or by motion of the grand jury, a grand jury can receive evidence for the accused. Although asking a charge for the purposes of presenting an indictment, the grand jury may receive written testimony of the witnesses taken in a preliminary hearing of the same charge. It may also receive sworn testimony prepared by the attorneys for the state without bringing witnesses before the grand jury. It is the duty of the grand jury to weigh all the evidence submitted to it. If it believes that there is other evidence it may order that it be produced. In such a case the District Attorney’s Office must subpoena witnesses for the grand jury’s investigation. So, that’s why you need the best Tulsa criminal defense attorney.

An indictment is a legal document charging a person with a crime. It is issued by a grand jury when a document charges grounds for the removal of a public official from office, it is defined as an accusation. At least nine grand jurors must agree to the filing of an indictment or accusation when the grand jury agrees to a charge it is endorsed as a true bill. The names of all the witnesses examined by the grand jury must appear on the true bill.

A grand jury has the duty to inquire into the willful and corrupt misconduct of a public official. A public officer can be removed from office for number things. Habitual or willful neglect of duty and gross partiality in office are causes for removal additional cause for removal is oppression in office and corruption in office. Extortion, maladministration, and habitual drunkenness are also grounds for removal from public office. A person may also be removed from office for failure to produce an account for all public funds and property in his hands at any settlement or inspection authorized or required by law. A public officer may be removed or ousted from office for any act or omission of neglect which may be committed during the term of his office. Anyone facing a grand jury investigation should call Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale at 918-277-4800.