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This is a summary of the case of state vs. District Court of Oklahoma County. In 2006, the DAs office filed a writ of prohibition try to keep the judge from proceeding with consideration of the youthful offender study in the case. The Court of Criminal Appeals denied the application. In July 2006 a man was shot and killed. In August, the state filed first-degree murder charges against the defendants who were 17, 16, and 15 years old. The public defender filed motions to certify them as juveniles and for motions to certify them as a youthful offender. The judge that the matter for preliminary hearing and ordered the office of juvenile fair to prepare certification study on each of the defendants.

At issue was to the amendment to the same statue that contains contradictory language. The question being answered here is whether the language can be reconciles was to give effect to provisions. You, court criminal feels found that it could not. The passage of two conflicting and irreconcilable statutory limits, and acted in the same legislation presents a dilemma. However, it was not one that the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals could resolve by kissing with the legislature intended by the passage of conflicting amendments, said Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals will look to, a law which provides a remedy for interpreting conflicting statutes when the statutory language of the statutes cannot be reconciled. When this occurs, the latter statute controls. The general statutory construction is that latter enacted legislation controls over earlier and acts provisions. Therefore, in the case of an irreconcilable conflict and statutory language, the latter enacted statute modifies the earlier statute, even where both statutory minutes were enacted in the same legislative session.

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In another case, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals addressed self-representation on direct appeal and collateral tax and post-conviction proceedings. There is no federal constitutional right for a defendant to represent himself on direct appeal. In fact, the statement required appellant except, against his will, appointed counsel without depriving the appellate of federal constitutional right.

Typically, a person bonded out of jail, he must hired an attorney. Posting a bond by a defendant or on the personal behalf the defendant creates only a rebuttable presumption of the defendant is not indigent. To ensure the defendant is not improperly denied counsel to which he may be entitled under the Constitution, the district court must make a record inquiring that the defendant’s financial status reflect the defendant understands that the presumption o not being indigent created by the posting a bond is rebuttable and that he or she may still be entitled to court-appointed counsel this.

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In another case the district court cited the appellant for to counsel direct contempt of court during the trial codefendants. He argued that the judge erred in finding that he no longer possessed privilege to avoid self-incrimination by invoking federal and state constitutional rights and should not have been found in contempt when he refused to be compelled to answer and criminal incriminating questions.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the contempt citations. The District Court found that the appellant had waived his right to search, during the trial of his codefendant, the privilege can self-incrimination because he had priestly testified at his own trial the same charges. However even if the accused wishes privilege can self criminal nation by voluntary testify in his own trial, the waiver is limited to the particular proceeding in which he volunteers his testimony. Furthermore, the law permits a witness his conviction has not been finalized on direct appeal to vote the privilege can self-incrimination and refused to give any testimony whatever in regard to the subject matter which form the basis of his conviction.

Police responded to a 911 call of shots fired. At the scene defendant found a man laying on the ground and moaning. He later died. They checked his house and found drugs and drug paraphernalia. They also found another man dead inside. Please continue their investigation but no one had been charged after 13 months had passed by.

What happened was that the man grabbed a metal right to told walked over to the defendant will swing it. If it was ensure if he was being seriously threatened or not. Did not think that he was joking. There’s a five for two seconds extended through the bedroom door and into a hallway. Then there was the sound of gunfire. By the third shot, the witness saw a man running away and hurt in say I took one. The victim took refuge from the shooting underneath box pilot the window in the second bedroom. The man fled his attacker through a room window.