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When choosing a Tulsa criminal defense attorney you want to pick one who will be a fighter. It’s best to find one who concentrates on criminal defense. Some attorneys practice more than one area law, and therefore lack focus. Your first instinct may be to just take a deal. But an aggressive attorney may have a better solution. For aggressive representation call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

So, you’ve been arrested and charged. You think there’s no hope because, after all, in your mind the police have got you hands down. Maybe you even confessed. Maybe the police found something in your car or house that points a guilty finger towards you. You might think that there’s no hope but to plea guilty and get some kind of deal rather than to contest the charge and go to trial.

An aggressive lawyer such as Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale will work with you to see if there is a way to get a charge thrown out, or at the very least, reduced.  For example, a felony charge might get reduced to a misdemeanor. Or, a felony could be reduced to a different type of felony that may have less of an impact on your future. Sometimes a charge will contain multiple charges, or counts. Sometimes one or more counts can be thrown out with the right kind of lawyer.

A good and aggressive lawyer like Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale will look at your case as a whole. This process starts by scheduling a free initial consultation. Stephen Cale will meet with you to hear your side of what happened. Then he will provide you with a custom-made defense strategy plan. This is a written document tailored for you that you can take with you.

After hiring Tulsa crimnal defense attorney Cale, he will schedule a more in-depth meeting with you. He will already have provided a defense strategy plan. So, both of you will already have a general idea of where to take your case. However, with further consultation, he may find more ways to aggressively represent you that weren’t apparent at the initial consultation.

Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney | Aggressive Representation

Some things to think about when discussing your case are the 5W’s plus H. That’s who, what, where, when, why, and how for covering all that happened in your situation. This discussion can lead to asking other questions. The more questions are asked, the more facts are gathered. Details are important for a Tulsa criminal defense attorney.

Some people may want to write down what happened. If you do this, be sure to put on your notebook, or whatever you’re writing on, these words: “To my attorney.”  This will tend to show that what you’ve written down is privileged and cannot be used against you because it is a confidential communication between you and your attorney.

Confidentiality, however, can be broken. For example, if somebody else is in a room with you when you’re talking to your attorney, the attorney-client privilege can be broken. So, if you don’t want statements or facts that you reveal to your attorney being used against you, it’s not important that you discuss your case alone with your attorney.want when where why and how this provides a good Tulsa criminal defense attorney.

Also, you may feel a nagging desire to talk to somebody else about your case. This is understandable. Being charged with a crime can cause a great deal of anxiety and worry. So it’s only natural that you would want to talk to somebody about it. The problem however, is that statements you make to someone else can be used against you. So, if you tell a friend what happened, and that friend is subpoenaed to testify, the prosecutor could ask if you talked about the charge. Then the prosecutor would have the right to ask that friend what you said. The statements that you made to the friend will be an admission. In a prosecutor will use it in any way he can against you. Consequently, to not talk to anyone about your case. Not your parents, not your friend, not your coworker, or anyone else except for your attorney.

There are some instances in which statements you make to someone cannot be used against you. We’ve already talked about the attorney-client privilege. Another privilege is the spousal privilege.  In this instance, what you say to your spouse cannot be used against you if what you said was intended to between just you and your spouse. Another privilege is the clergy privilege. This prevents statements that you make to a pastor from being used against you. There is also a doctor-patient privilege. These privileges can be broken if you intend to do some future harm. Whether or not these privileges apply to a given situation can be complicated, and they are not that simple. So it’s best not to say anything about your case except to your attorney.

The truth of the matter is your attorney may be the only one that you get to tell your story to. The person charged with a crime cannot be forced to testify. Many times the defendant will not testify on his own behalf. The decision is between you and your Tulsa criminal defense attorney.

Ultimately the decision whether to testify is up to the defendant. But attorneys often caution against it because a person taking the stand is subject to cross-examination by the prosecutor. This will give the prosecutor and opportunity to twist your words or spin the facts against you. An attorney experienced in criminal defense will give you guidance on whether not he should testify or not. Sometimes it may be the best option. Sometimes it may not.

Be careful because police will try to trick you. The look for any way to make an arrest. In fact, police are trained to be deceptive. So lying is part of their job. Absolutely do not trust the police. Do not talk to them. The only thing he should say to them is that you want a lawyer.

Many innocent people get tricked, and consequently arrested. That’s why you need a good criminal defense attorney like Stephen Cale. Call him at 918-277-4800. Set up your appointment for a free initial consultation and a free defense strategy plan.