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Rape by instrumentation is a serious charge. That’s why you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has been practicing for nearly 20 years. Plus, he has the right kind of experience because he dedicates his practice to criminal defense. That is a huge benefit to clients.

A woman testified that she was alone and herself Tulsa apartment the same evening. Early in the evening, she left the apartment to take our trash. Although she locked her front door when she returned, her back sliding door was open. Also, her sliding screen door was closed but not locked. When she returned, she laid down on her couch and was watching television. About 15 minutes later, someone came up behind her and put his hand of her mouth.

When she turned around to see it was, she saw a man whom she did not recognize. He was not wearing any close. She pulled his hand off her mouth and try to get out. But, the man pushed her down into the coffee table and ran out the back sliding door. Woman testified that she got a clear view of the man’s face. She said that the man was not clean-shaven and that he ran away. She knows that he was carrying something that looked like a black or navy shirt.

One of the things that the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa will do is attack the credibility of the witness. This is done by cross-examination. Is especially important to note that eyewitness testimony can sometimes be faulty. People don’t always see what they think that they see. They tend to fill in the gaps after witnessing an event. That’s why if you’ve been charged with rape by instrumentation, you need a skilled and experienced attorney.

The woman later notice that about hundred $50 and Cass was missing from her kitchen counter. She identified the defendant trials the man who came into her apartment. She also noted that she did not have any doubt that it was him. Late that night, a woman who is 14-year-old the times talk on a pay phone with an apartment complex where she lived. She turned around which he felt something to a but. She initially assumed it was a friend who was nearby. She then saw a person who touched her was not a friend. Instead, it was a naked man crossing behind her.

She asked the man what he was doing. He covered his face with his hands, stood up, and immediately ran away. The girl noted that the man was holding something in his hand that looked like a dark colored shirt. The girl identified defendant trial is the man who came up behind her and touched her that night. While this man’s actions did not amount to rape by instrumentation, it could be deemed sexual battery.

No matter what sex crime you’re facing, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. Don’t go with an attorney who just dabbles in criminal defense. Hire someone who is experienced attorney. Attorney Stephen Cale is a highly rated criminal defense attorney. Give him a call at 918-277-4800.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Powerhouse Lawyering For You

A good way to select the right attorney for you is to look at reviews from prior clients. Stephen Cale the Cale Law Office is highly rated. His former clients give him high reviews. You can look for those reviews on Google. Can also look at the number of years that attorney’s practice. Attorney Cale’s not new to the practice of law. He has been doing it for nearly 20 years.

A detector was the lead detective for the series of incidents that occurred. He testified that at Woodland Hills security officer provide him with a license number of a possible suspect. The detective was able to check the vehicle to the defendant’s girlfriend at the time. The detective prepared a six person photograph the lineup. From this lineup, each of the victims picked out the defendants picture. When the detective went to the girlfriend’s home, the defendant answered the door. He was wearing a black T-shirt. The detective arrest them at the time.

Another way to find the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa is to see what that lawyer practices in. By that, you will look to see if he focuses on a certain area of law. Attorney Stephen Cale dedicates his practice to criminal defense. This is a huge benefit to his clients. Best because they know that there to get somebody who is extremely knowledgeable about criminal defense. Schedule your free initial consultation at the Cale Law Office like calling 918-277-4800.

At trial, the defendant objected to evidence regarding separate answers sexual salt a child charge. He maintained that this was improper other crimes evidence. The defendant asserted that the evidence about the rape by instrumentation of a 15-year-old was not relevant. On appeal he argued that it was not admissible under any exceptions to the other crimes evidence.

Further, he argued that was more for prejudicial than probative. The prosecution filed a notice prior to trial, noting its intent to present this evidence. Full hearing was held regarding the admissibility of the evidence during the trial. At the conclusion of the hearing, the trial court ruled that it would allow this other crimes evidence. The court found that it was immiscible on the issues of identity and motive.

Also when selecting the right attorney for you, you need a criminal lawyer who has a thorough grasp of the rules of evidence. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa will have a firm knowledge in this field. That’s because he needs to know what evidence he can keep out. Attorney Stephen Cale fights hard to get evidence thrown out. When he does this, it seriously hurts the prosecution’s case. Oftentimes a result in getting a charge dismissed.

Evidence of other prior bad acts is admissible for specified purposes. But, the rest be invisible connection between the other crimes evidence in the charge crimes. The evidence must go to a disputed issue and be necessary to support the states burden of proof. Also, its probative value must outweigh the danger of unfair prejudice. The prosecution must establish that by create and convincing evidence. The jury must be properly instructed on the limited purpose for which the evidence may be considered. If the evidence is offered to show a common scheme or plan, it must embrace the commission of crimes are related to each other. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa will enjoy beating the prosecution.

So, if you’ve been charged with rape by instrumentation, hire an attorney who will fight for you. Get the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Attorney Stephen Cale of the Cale Law Office is an aggressive criminal lawyer. He fights hard for his clients. Give him a call at 918-277-4800.