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Prosecutors charged the defendant with two counts of first-degree murder. In count one, the jury recommended a life sentence without parole. In count two, the jury impose the death penalty. The defendant appealed. Here’s a summary the case.

Lane the year, the defendant began working for a couple to take care of their home and horses while they were out of town. The defendant lived at the couple’s home for about six months, rent-free in exchange for the work he did run the place. During this time, the defendant told friends he was planning to go out of town. The defendant stored his applies for the trip at the residence. The supplies include a trailer, tolls, and survive on camping supplies.

The defendant returned home to get some of his belongings. The owner open up the door and slammed it in his face. She told the deputy overt disdain for the defendant and that none of his property was there. She said the problems in stores that she would have it there the next day. The deputy the defendant agreed to meet at the same time and place next day to retrieve the property.

The following day, the deputy the defendant returned to the residence. The woman said she did not have defense property at home. She said it was in storage in Tulsa. She gave the deputy the key to the storage building and told him to get to the defendant. The deputy gave the key to the defendant an offer to get a deputy to go with the defendant. Deputies said that the property was not there, then contact him he would talk to the owner again.

The storage building, the defendant failed only to empty boxes. He returned to another residence where he been staying. He got a shotgun the pistol from the garage. Later that afternoon, the defendant packed his personal belongings his car and told a friend that he was going on the estate. Couple days later, the previous owners told the deputy that someone kicked in the front door. As a personal belongings Christian on the house but they did not find anything missing. He suspected that the defendant had done this.

A friend later saw the defendant dressed in camouflage and military-style garb. When she returned home later that night, she saw the defendant’s car in the driveway. She knows Apollo burning debris near the garage. Inside her home, she found the defendant sitting in a recliner, leaning forward with one eyebrow propped up in his hand and the hair wrapped in a towel. On the floor next to him was a half-empty bottle whiskey. When she has what happened, the defendant said he shot his finger while turkey hunting.

That same morning, the friend got a phone call from another person who told her that the previous item appellant had that morning. Fred had a feeling that the defendant was involved. She called the police, but by the time the agents arrived at her home, defendant left. The friend found the victim lying face down the front yard. The body was stiff and had blood dripping from them. Police found drag marks on the front porch around the sun the house.

Experts testified that the victim suffered from multiple gunshot wounds. At least 25 large shotgun pellets were retreated from his body. The gunshots penetrate his heart, lungs, liver and other vital organs. The gunshot wounds indicated that the victim was shot as you face the house was in the process walking when shot. The cause of death was attributed to the gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen.

Prosecutors charged the defendant with first-degree murders of the couple. They sought the death penalty. After the jury convicted him, the defendant appealed. He cited 10 possible errors committed by the trial court.

First, the defendant contended the trial court denied him a fair trial by improperly participating in plea negotiations. Before the start of the trial, the state offered to recommend that the defendant be sentenced to two licenses. These would be served concurrently in exchange for a plea of guilty on both counts. The defendant rejected the offer. The defendant now asserted on appeal that when the trial court under the plea offer, he injected himself into negotiations urged the defendant to take the offer.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale first looks to see whether he can get a case dismissed. One of the things that he does is look at the charge itself. If it is not properly worded, he may be able to get the charge dismissed. Secondly, he will file a discovery motion. This will allow him to see what evidence the state has against his client. It will also show what favorable evidence there is for his client. Attorney Cale can use this to possibly get a charge dismissed.

Additionally, in felony cases, there will be a preliminary hearing. Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that there are two purposes for this type of hearing. The first is to turn to determine whether not there sufficient evidence that a crime was committed. The second is to determine whether not there sufficient evidence that the defendant committed the crime. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, attorney Cale will seek a dismissal the case for insufficient evidence.

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