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In March, 31-year old Reco Eugene Sells, the Defendant, attended his son’s middle school football practice in Tulsa. Also at the practice was the team’s trainer, or “water girl,” 13-year old K.G. While K.G. talked to a friend on her cell phone, Defendant approached K.G. and asked if he could borrow her phone. Defendant took the phone from K.G., walked away, and used the phone to call someone. After about two minutes, Defendant returned the phone to K.G. Later that afternoon, about 30 minutes after returning home, K.G. began receiving texts on her cell phone from Defendant. Defendant asked “is it okay if I text you?” K.G. responded “sure.”

The next day, during school, Defendant again texted K.G. saying “good morning” and “hello sunshine.” Because the texting made her uncomfortable, K.G. told the football coach and her counselor about receiving the texts. Her counselor told K.G. to tell her mother about the texts. After learning that her daughter had been receiving texts from a man, K.G.’s mother, Karen Gilbert, went to the Education Service Center to talk to the campus police chief. He advised Mrs. Gilbert to keep K.G.’s phone to monitor the texts. The texting continued. Mrs. Gilbert became concerned with the frequency and the content of the texts. For example, Defendant texted “getting out of the shower and thinking of you,” “good night, sunshine,” and “good night, sexy.”

A few days later, K.G. and her parents met with detectives from the cyber crimes division of the Tulsa Police Department. With the permission of K.G.’s parents, Detective Scott Gibson took possession and control of K.G.’s cell phone. Detective Gibson adopted K.G.’s persona and responded to Defendant’s texts as if he were a 14 year old K.G. To preserve the cell phone data, cyber crimes detectives used computer software to download the data and prepared a data log, arranging the texts in chronological order.

Sometime later, Defendant’s texts became sexually explicit. Defendant texted that he “will send you pic of my body,” and then sent four pictures of his erect penis. Defendant sent texts stating “I want to lick you from head 2 toe babe til u say stop,” and “yr butt is sexy baby yr body is hot.” He also sent another picture of his penis and texted “I want to kick with u all nite babe.” Defendant sent texts agreeing to meet K.G. alone at a Tulsa park to have sex. When Defendant arrived at the agreed location, he was arrested by Tulsa Police officers. Detective Gibson read Defendant his Miranda rights, Defendant waived those rights and agreed to talk. Detective Gibson audiotaped his conversation with Defendant.

As a result of those events, Defendant was charged in Tulsa County District Court three counts of Lewd or Indecent Proposal to a Child and Facilitating Sexual Conduct with a Minor by Use of a Computer. At the conclusion of the two stage jury trial, Defendant’s jury found him guilty and sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Indecent Proposal Child Charge

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Prior federal convictions for which the mandatory minimum sentence is imposed are not limited to offenses in which there was actual sexual contact between a defendant and the victim. Psychological harm can occur without physical contact. Hence, a non-contact sexual offense can constitute sexual abuse of a minor when it requires sexual conduct with knowledge of the child’s presence, thereby wrongly and improperly using the minor and thereby harming the minor. In this case, the Defendant’s convictions do not violate the Double Jeopardy Clause as multiple convictions based upon a single criminal act.

An entrapment defense requires showing that the government induced the crime, and a lack of predisposition on the part of the defendant to engage in the criminal conduct. Here, Defendant did not testify. He also did not present any other evidence to suggest that he was an otherwise innocent person who was not predisposed to engaging in this type of criminal activity. In contrast, the State presented evidence demonstrating that Defendant was willing to commit the crimes charged and purposely initiated contact the young girl.

The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right of an accused in a criminal prosecution “to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” The right of confrontation means more than being allowed to confront the witness physically. Indeed, the main and essential purpose of confrontation is to secure for the opponent the opportunity of cross-examination. If you’ve been charged with lewd or indecent proposal to a child, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has two offer. Trial attorney like Stephen Cale of the Cale law office. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 918-277-4800.

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