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When you work with the Cale Law Office, he’s going to find a way to get your case dismissed first. It really wants the best result for you. He enjoys fighting the prosecutor’s office. When trial courts reviewing search word, the must first determine whether probable cause supported. If probable cause present to the announcers good faith is not an issue.

However, where there is a lack of probable cause, court must determine that the spring affidavit was more than a bare-bones affidavit. If no recently well-trained police officer could believe there exists a probable cause to search, then there’s bare-bones affidavit. Therefore the exclusionary rule should part of the evidence seized.

There’s a test to determine whether or not the good faith exception applies. It will not apply to instances. First the court must suppress evidence of the judge is when the board was misled by information in an affidavit that the person who was false. Secondly, the court must suppress evidence the judge abandoned his judicial role.

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