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A Tulsa County court jury convicted a man of child abuse by injury. It recommended 10 years in prison. But the defendant appealed. So he argued a number of things. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals found that no relief was warranted. Unfortunately, this person didn’t have the best criminal lawyer Tulsa has to offer.

Notably, the defendant failed the site the record where he objected to the alleged discovery violation. The person fails to object a trial to which discovery error, he waves rights. That’s why you need an attorney who dedicates his practice to criminal defense. So make the call to the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

To get relief under the plain error doctrine, then the show an actual error. They are must be plain or obvious. It also must affect the defendant substantial rights. By that, the appeals court means that there affected the outcome of the proceeding. So, to find the right attorney for your case, call the Cale Law office.

States conversation with the doctor to not fall the discovery rule. The state hired him as a consulting expert. It never retained or endorsed him as a witness. Additionally, he never examiner spoke to the defendant. The conversations between the prosecutor in the doctor fell within the work product exception. Next, the appeals court discussed the case.

State repeatedly acknowledged its ethical duty to disclose exculpatory evidence. It also sure the trial court there’s nothing exculpatory. The appeals court assumed that the attorney was telling the truth. Additionally, the defendant failed to show any error.

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