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So now, take a look at this Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals case. Confidential sources told the Rogers County Sheriff’s office that a couple reselling methamphetamine from the home. Two small children lived with him. The couple had been involved in narcotics before.

So deputies conducted surveillance of the home for couple days. They kept the homeowner observation for about four hours each time. This on a couple at the home along with two children. One person behaves erratically. According to officers, he appeared to be displaying the fiscal and behavioral system consistent with methamphetamine use.

Also, deputies observe high volumes of car traffic of the residence both nights. Cars remained of the location only for short periods. Deputies also saw one person approach a car conduct what appear to be a drug transaction. So, deputies prepared an affidavit for search warrant and presented to the judge. The deputy serve the word found 9 g of methamphetamine, marijuana, small baggies, several smoking devices, visual scales and syringes. So, a time prosecutors of all drug charges against you, you need the best criminal lawyer Tulsa’s offer.

During the search, the defense drove up to the home park in front to walk towards the. The plainclothes officer contact in the front yard. This person stay in a marijuana pipe strike. Attorney Stephen Cale says they should never talk to police. However there is one thing that you consider him. Tulsa Manuel lawyer.

Also search the man’s truck and found a marijuana pipe, methamphetamine pipe a small bag of methamphetamine. The judge dismissed the charges the DAs office appealed. The appeals court post to issues in the case. The first was one of the warrant was based on probable cause. The second issue was whether the good faith exception applies.

The defendant argued that the affidavit in this case lacked sufficient probable cause and that it lacked good faith. If officers have served a search warrant on your home, then you need the best criminal lawyer Tulsa has to offer. Make the call to the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

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