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Take a look at a Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals case concerning revoking a sentence. The judge revoked a man’s five year suspended sentence for failing to pay fines and costs. The state also alleged that he committed new crimes. The court then held a hearing.

At the hearing, the court clerk testified that they set up a payment schedule for the defendant. However, he made no scheduled payments on fines and costs. The defendant argued that there wasn’t enough evidence the case. He did not present any testimony or evidence. The judge found they failed to make the required payments. So, he revoked the five year suspended sentence in full.

In the defendant appealed. The defendant argued that there was no evidence presented in the case that he willfully did not pay to fight cause. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals decide on the issue of where the burden of proof should be placed. Specifically, the appeals court determine which party bears the burden of showing whether the violation was off or not.

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Now, back to that appeals case. The Oklahoma court criminal appeals stated that it has long held that a suspended sentence is matter of grace. The trial court has sound discretion whether or not to revoke a suspended sentence. Before defendant gets probation, he knowledge the terms and conditions of probation. He also agrees that he can it will abide by those terms and conditions.

However, if the defendant violates when this terms and conditions, mistaken file a motion to revoke or accelerate the sentence. The defendant has an opportunity to present evidence that the probation violation should be excused. The court can consider this along with other evidence at the revocation hearing.

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