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When case involves a murder in a supra-nine motel. The victim died for multiple gunshot Winston and Jess. The defendant rented the hotel room. He personally knew the victim. According one person, he revisited with him when the defendant came to the room. Guys any new that or some sort of disagreement between the two men about money. So we try to calm things down.

Essays he thought it was safe to leave the room, then ran across the street. He waved an officer who was in his patrol car. He told the officer that his frontage’s been shot. Manuscript the government is wearing a red sweatshirt and carrying a black backpack. So officers be of the search.

The defendant initially told police that he was running because hear gunshots. He later told the detective that had gone to the motel to see his friend. Also he said that he was standing in the doorway the room when he heard gunshots. The detective new guy.

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