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Simply search pathways leading the motel, the things which are in a backpack the grass. The officer said they looked fresh. To been discarded there recently. He said that because there is more service running grasped the sweatshirt backpack or dried. So, he made an assumption.

Officers found a 38, wrong level in the backpack. At trial, the witness testified that he can the police found in the backpack with the same government the defendant used to shoot a friend. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need an attorney with excellent trial skills.

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The witness testified that there were some colors like the one the defendant described in a small loop at the bottom of the group. Estate plastics examiner testified that the pistol was in working order. However, she cannot determine whether one both fragment retreat from the crime scene matched that of the pistol. As because the fragment was to damage to make a comparison.

However, the examiner concluded that the fragment and the same class characteristics as bullets that would fit the revolver. Police took swabs from the defendant’s hands and face to the tech can residue. It also some of the revolver, backpack, and sweatshirt as evidence. The expert testified that the defense DNA was found on the revolver.

A Test detected particles swabs from the defendant’s face. The defendant testify. The jury found him guilty of first-degree murder. The defendant claimed that evidence could not support a conviction. However, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals does not agree.

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