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Here’s a summary of in Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals case not handled by the Cale law Office. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper was the sole witness presented in a preliminary hearing. He described his training and education relations narcotics interdiction. Also, he testified about a certified drug dog handling.

Further, the trooper discussed his drug dog in the certifications they hold is a team for drug detection. The trooper then turned to the offense of the present case. In February, the trooper stopped the truck come by the defendant. He stopped the man for speeding. According to the trooper, the defendant was driving 73 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

During the stop, the trooper contacts the defendant at the truck stop sign window. He informed them of the violation asked for driver’s license. The trooper then instructed the defendant to come back to the patrol unit so he could write a warning. The trooper knows that the defendant’s hand was shaking. He also noticed that the man had two large dogs inside his truck.

So, the man complied with these requests. Once both men were seated in the front of the patrol unit, the trooper started running the fence license and vehicle registration. Also, he started writing out the warning. During his brief conversation with the defendant while sitting the patrol unit, the defendant said that he was from Northern California. Also, he said that he was driving to Memphis to see a girl.

However, the trooper did not believe him. By the way, the best Tulsa criminal lawyer will tell you to never talk to police. Talking to the police cannot help you. Instead, it will only hurt you. So, don’t do it.

Based upon his training experience is a narcotics interdiction officer, the trooper recognized when California’s a hotspot for narcotics. He said the place produced high-grade marijuana. When the trooper inquired about the defense destination, the man possible for Sandy was going to Memphis to see a girl. Because of this, the trooper thought the man might be trying to deceive him.

The man also repeatedly engaged in what the trooper described as fake yawning. Estimated that the man fate you on at least six or seven times during the course of his contact. Based on his training, the trooper testifies they recognize the man’s fake yawning is an indicator of nervousness. The trooper said that he is trying to pay attention to body language. So, based on his training experience, he determines the fake yawns were nervous this that was leaking from the man’s body.

The best Tulsa criminal lawyer will tell you that police lie all the time. The back to the matter is, you can’t really trust law enforcement. They are against you, not for you. So never talk to police unless it’s to report a crime or that you witnessed a crime.

When the trooper investigated the man’s driver’s license, he discovered that California suspended it. While continue with the conversation, the trooper asked the man what he did for a living. The driver paused, then respond the Cale would. Trooper believed this was possibly another deceptive answer. Also, trooper observes other signs of nervousness. For example, the man artery was visible on his neck. The trooper observed that it was being heavily and rapidly.

Additionally, the trooper observed that the man was making weird movements with his mouth. The trooper testifies that he also could see the man’s heart beating both through his chest and shirt. So, the trooper thought that something was amiss. In fact, trooper thought that maybe the man was tweaking. He said that look like the defendant had taken methamphetamine.

The trooper recognize them as being extremely nervous. In fact, his behavior did not compare to what he normally observed in several situations where he had written warnings to motorists. At this point, the trooper believed that he had regional suspicion that criminal activity was afoot. The trooper asked the man about his license being suspended. The driver admitted knowing that California suspended the license. He said the state suspended him for not having insurance.

The trooper printed out a written warning for the speeding violation and give it to the defendant along with his license and other documents. The trooper then explains the warning and told the man he could not drive away due to the suspended license. Next, the trooper testified that at this point, the man did not exit the vehicle. Instead, he remained seated and it.

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Trooper testifies they entered into a consensual encounter with the defendant at the moment. In fact, the trooper asked whether the man transported anything illegal such as an open container of alcohol, weapons or drugs of any kind. In response, the man just sat there look at his truck and did not answer. He would look at the trooper and then look at the truck and so on.