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A jury convicted the defendant of 17 counts of mail theft by Postal Service employee. The defendant appealed his conviction claimed that the District Court should have granted his motion to continue. He also said that the trial court erroneously admitted the defendant’s confession and evidence of his gambling. Here’s a summary the case. The defendant started working at the post office in November. As a Postal Service employee clerk, defendant paired mail for carriers, salt stamps and money orders and receive mail from customers. Two years later, customer of the post office filed a complaint with a Postal Service. She claimed a money order she purchase the mail to the Department of treasury to pay her taxes never reached its destination. Investigators looked into this complained found someone to catch the money order at the post office. Further this test revealed that clerk number four had handle this transaction. As more customers complain about money was never reach their destination, then the answer is learned that clerk number four had cash everyone those lost money orders.

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Investigators put the clerk. The first spoke the defendants manager and asked him to retrieve defendant for an interview. The supervisor notified the defendant investors were here to speak to him and escorted him back to his office. The supervisor then left the office, setting the door the way out. In the office, the muscular’s did not restrain the defendant anyway. Investigators were in plainclothes in either their weapons were visible.

Explained that the one to speak to the defendant because of missing money orders have been cast at that office. Before asking any substance questions, the investigators specifically told that he was not under arrest administered a warning advising the defendant that for things. First he the right to remain silent of his answers would tend incriminating. Secondly, anything you said or did may be used as evidence against him. Thirdly he would not be disciplined solely for remaining silent. And lastly, the interview was strictly voluntary and he can leave or stop answering questions at any time.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has will advise you not to talk to police. This is exactly the counsel of attorney Stephen Cale. He advises never to talk to police. Talking to police will not help you. Instead it will only hurt you. For more information on this see attorney Stephen Cale’s article on the top 10 reasons not to talk to police.

The defendant signed a form, initially to each of these rights to knowledge that he understood them. Form also stated that no promises or threats of it made to him in the course of any kind is been used against him. The investor explain to the defendant what court are met in this case he did not understand. Then the defendant also somebody for statement. Because the investors not considered defendant being custody, they did not administer a Miranda warning or record the interview. After knowledge and use of his rights, the defendant agreed to participate in the interview.

He admitted that he did had stole money orders customers and mailed in cash them. When a customer and have him an envelope to mail that the defendant contained a money order, he would remove money order, for the signature driver’s license number and test himself. Whiskers printing copies of suspected money orders and asked the defendant to initial the ones in stolen cash. The defendant mission catching some the mentors but the entire caching others. The defendant estimated he profited between six and $7000 in his never. The defendant denied stealing anything else at work.

Trying to understand the defendant’s motive, the investigator asked the defendant if he had financial troubles. He admitted his wages were being harnessed for student loan. He denied having again would probably admitted that he gambled two or three nights every week. At the end of the interview, investigators asked the defendant if you want to write a handwritten statement included in the ministry report investors were present. The defendant was not required to write a statement, but investors that the defendant opportunity so since and express remorse.

The muscular stepped on the office to talk to the manager. When he returned, the defendant had barely written anything. To hell defendant decide what to do and to write a statement, the muscular review the notes of the interview with the defendant. The defendant wrote his statement, admitting stealing and cashing most of the money orders he was shown. However denied stealing anything else the post office. The defendant signed a statement under penalty of perjury.

Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale said that you should always asked for a lawyer when law enforcement authorities try to talk to you. What you state that you want a lawyer, the law enforcement authorities cannot question you unless you reinitiate conversation. Many times asking for lawyer will keep you from being charged or substantially weaken the prosecutor’s case.