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Investigators company the defendant’s car to see if you can find the evidence of the crime. Did not find any evidence of stolen Melanie these locations but did find gaming players club car in the defendant’s car. The entire encounter lasted about an hour and a half. A few days later, the defendant wrote a statement describing all responsibility for lost money orders. In the statement, the defendant stated to this case presented confession by testing his compassion for the victims. In three later basket of interviews, the defendant denied stealing and cashing money orders.

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A grand jury indicted the defendant on Belfast by a postal employee. The courts at trial for November 2015 the letter continued to at defense request to a few months later. The parties made for relevant pretrial motions. First, the defendant filed a motion to suppress statements he made to investigators. The defendant argued that he was in custody and thus entitled to Miranda warnings. The defendant additionally argued that the statements were not voluntary. The supplement to the motion, the defendant argued postal regulations requiring all employees to obey the supervisor and to cooperate with investigations establish that he was in custody. At a hearing on this motion, the district court concluded that despite a relations, defendant was not in custody.

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The court reasoned that no evidence suggests that the defendant knew that these relations required him to obey his manager cooperate with investigators. Further, even if the defendant relations, the rest goes to the course him. The advice of the most of the men the right to remain silent and told him his cooperation was entirely voluntarily. Finally, the skies were playing closed, not in uniform, and the weapons were concealed. A Miranda warning is required when somebody is in custody.

The prosecution filed another pretrial motion. This was a motion in limine to exclude the defendant statement made after he spoke to investigators. This was when he denied stealing and cashing test was money orders. The prosecution argued that this was in immiscible hearsay. The district court granted the motion because without defendant available for cross-examination, the statements were clearly hearsay. Third, the defendant filed a motion in limine to exclude evidence of defense camping. He argued that was highly prejudicial not relevant. The district court denied the motion because it was extremely relevant evidence.

Lastly, the night before trial, the defendant filed a motion for continuance. The defendant sought to substitute attorneys because he disagreed with his court-appointed attorney. He also said that there have been severe right and commit case between the defendant and his attorney. Specifically, the defendant disagreed with the attorney on whether to take a plea and whether to testify. He sought to have an attorney had retained the day before trial case instead. The defendant explained he filed his motion at the last minute because he had been unable to afford attorney until the day before trial. The district court denied the continuance required his court-appointed attorney to proceed with the case.

The court reasoned that the defendant provided an insufficient justification for waiting to leave the trial to express his dissatisfaction with court-appointed attorney. The jury been summoned was waiting to be impaneled. The government has been in 20 witnesses. Additionally, the court reasoned that court-appointed attorney was an outstanding attorney in any pragmatic medication was not his fault. The court then ensures the defendant understood that only he could decide whether to testify.

Trial started. The prosecution examine 13 witnesses as money orders had been stolen. The defendant decided not to testify. During the trial, the defendant challenge the prosecution’s credibility by showing that investigators did not use all the available this court techniques at his disposal investigating the defendant. Specifically, the prosecution did not record the interview, obtain video is relevance, use tracker devices, or obtain defense bank records. In response to the defendant’s attempt to attack the prosecution’s investigation, the prosecution asked for the following jury instruction. It to prove its case, the prosecution is under no obligation to use all the this can methods that are available to them or used in a particular method. The question is whether the evidence presented sufficient to convince you beyond a reasonable doubt of the fence guilt. The defendant objected to this instruction.

The defendant argued that this instruction 100 once defense. The court allow the instruction, reasoning and retail he gave this instruction that the instruction was correct statement of law. After hearing all the evidence, the jury convicted the defendant and sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment into your supervised release. The defendant appealed his conviction, reading five issues on appeal.

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