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The defendant challenges the drug money laundering connections that landed him life without release sentences. He disputes the district court’s denial of two of his pretrial motions. One of them was a motion to suppress evidence discovered during the search of his home. The other was a Franks vs. Delaware hearing. The defendant contended that the fourth amendment requires the suppression of evidence seized in his home. A Franks hearing is just another way to gain the protection of the fourth amendment’s exclusionary role. The appellate court held that even if the affidavit failed to prove the criminal to have he was afoot, law enforcement is entitled to rely on the good faith exception.

In November, the detective with the Tulsa Police Department submitted a probable cause affidavit to the District Court. The requested to search the house located downtown with the defendant’s girlfriend Leslie resided. It also saw evidence of a drug trafficking conspiracy run by a drug gang. This evidence was the only piece of the investigation. The affidavit led to a search warrant, and execution of that search warrant culminated in the seizure of a large amount of cash. Officers also found a handwritten ledger itemizing drug debts, tax returns and the name of the defendant’s girlfriend, and paperwork from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

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The prosecution use this evidence in jury trials. A jury convicted him of one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine base, one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine base, and one count of aiding and abetting. The district court sentenced the defendant to life without release. Defendant challenge the detective’s affidavit. The affidavit begins by identifying the home in Tulsa. It in a search the presence, inside the house, the item subject to seizure under Oklahoma’s drug laws. Specifically noted documents related to the conspiracy to distribute cocaine, plus photographs depicting those involved. It also some items associate with membership into the gang and documented related to the distribution of the illegal drugs.

Next, the affidavit provided overview of the organization of the law street gang. From the late 1990s when the gang began, to the present day, the detective claims of gang members have been involved in drug distribution. Additionally, the time of the affidavit, gangs leadership comprises of the defendant and his lieutenants. Third, the affidavit provided details of the detective’s investigation, starting with the statements of the three cooperating witnesses. To those witnesses were gay members and all of whom were convicted felons either trading information for money or hoping to receive consideration of pending charges. Non-gang member provide information the past that led to the arrest of the other people. For a few months, all three informants had told police, based on the personal observations, that the defendant had the gang. They said that they distribute large quantities of cocaine based in Tulsa.

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Another gang member informant who and a close personal relationship the defendant and into the knowledge of the workings of the gang said they had seen the defendant give another gang member to sources of cocaine at a mall. The affidavit and discussed law enforcement independent this case into the informant statements, from the surveillance of cars tied to the defendant and other members of the gang. Nearly every day after police installed a pull camera outside the stash apartment, police saw a car parts near by that the defendant had previously been seen driving. Throughout the months, cars associate with gang members traveled to and from the stash apartment. They also trial to other locations affiliated with the gang.

One gang members car left the stash apartment and returned to the stash apartment. Four days later, police watched as the defendant and two others left the motel room in an area that was rampant with drug activity. The affidavit also listed in this crime six of the search warrants associated with the case there were executed earlier in the air. In each of these places search, police found drugs enticed in gangs. Highs included photographs depicting gay members, displaying gang and signs and drugs. Many times, officers large amounts of cash and sometimes guns. Listing the gel phone calls, police also heard several cursory gang members as people the outside whether the defendant would bail them out.

Finally, the affidavit notes nine earlier drug arrest associated with gang members, for them involving the defendant. There is occurred in September 1998 when the police contacted the defendant with two of the gang member sitting the car. Officers arrest when the gang members on a gun charge. An inventory search of the car turned up nearly 30 grams of cocaine base, and also turned out to be a large amount of marijuana., Then about six years later the defendant arrived by cab at the house were officers had just detained his girlfriend. Inside the house, officers had seized cocaine, guns close to $50,000. The defendant tries to spin away when the officers approached but was eventually stopped and arrested.

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