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The defendant appeals his conviction for unlawful possession of marijuana. The defendant was a driver a car the police officer stopped when they saw a minor and lie. The officers proceeded to stop the car. There were three other occupants of the car. The car was the property of the fence mother. She was seated in the side of the defendant. Two other occupants were in the backseat.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will attack the legality of the stop by police officer. This can help get your case dismissed if the court agrees with you. Police officers may illegal mistakes all the time. Sometimes are not even mistakes, but things and actually done. Police officers think that the only the world. There really is tyrants getting a paycheck. That’s why you need aggressive Tulsa criminal lawyer to fight them.

As police officers pursue the car, so when the backseat was seem to shake newspapers up to one of the car. The den throughout the newspapers. What was life in the newspapers was not find other than being test of some type. Search of the vicinity where the testings were thrown from the car revealed nothing. When the officers testified that when he put his hand in the car, he smelled burning marijuana. He also said that on the rear see the car was a small amount of testings in seat of marijuana.

All the parties the car were arrested and taken to the PlayStation. The search of the respective persons an examination of the clothing revealed no marijuana. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will tell you to never talk to police. When the officers creeps of the testings from the defendant’s right front pants pocket with a knife. The end of a minor scope, chemist was able to find particles of marijuana and scabies. However, he was not able to express any opinion as to the amount or weight of the marijuana particles found in the scrapings. He would not express an opinion that was as much is a grain of marijuana.

Is a reasonable interpretation of the facts that the amount marijuana found in the particles scraped from the defense pocket was minuscule. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will fight a search of the client. This can be done when circumstances dictate and there’s a possibility of getting evidence thrown out. Attorney Stephen Cale likes getting evidence thrown out because it seriously undermines the prosecution’s case. If you’re looking for aggressive experience representation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

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In summary the case of the jury, the trial court defined the term position is being the actual personal control, care and management of marijuana alleged to been possess better. Under this definition, any amount of marijuana was found in the risk in the car was eliminated from consideration. Further, this case is not submit upon the defendant’s guilt in a manner made to depend upon the possession of marijuana. The defense, spent depend upon the marijuana was found in the scrapings taken from the lighting of his pocket. The defendant challenges the sufficiency of evidence to support a conviction.

Hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa stopper to fight your drug charge. Insist that the mining particles of marijuana found in the scrapings to not constitute marijuana within the meaning of the statute. The legislature is not prescribed or limited by statute the amount of marijuana necessary to be in possession of it. The usually made of marijuana is to smoking cigarettes. Is not taken internally or by hypodermic has other the cards hard.

The criminal appeals court concluded that the original construction interpretation to be applied is to any amount is suspicion for possession. Attorney some of the clinical and boys piece of kindness and sufficient to war a conviction for possession of a narcotic. It’s in keeping with the inclusion expressed above. It was only by use of the microscope that chemist was able to determine the presence of marijuana in the testings. It would be a harsh rule that would charge the defendant with knowing possessing that which are required microscope to identify. Therefore, the convictions reversed.

There was a dissenting opinion in this case. The court spent the case to the jury is one of circumstantial evidence. As was to define the term possession is a stated in the majority opinion. Instructed the jury to quit unless they found beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not only had in his possession marijuana. This instruction for evidently record the record of the defense counsel as they were given to me his objection. If you’re facing drug possession charges, you need to contact the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

The dissenting judge not agree with the others at the defendant’s guilt depend a lot upon the marijuana found in scrapings from his pocket. To the contrary, he said it’s unlikely that the charge stand on circumstantial evidence which would been in question. Neither would’ve been done given if the evidence showed only that the defendant had marijuana’s pocket. As to the marijuana, the evidence was direct, not circumstantial. In addition to the scrapings from his pocket, enough marijuana was found in the receipts to make a cigarette.