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The defendant appeals his conviction for domestic assault battery. He contends that his two process rights were violated when the court introduced certain extraneous offense is a trial. The defendant the woman per involved in a on and off relationship spending about two years. The defendant in a woman live together for time and his mother’s rental property. The relationship deteriorated became contentious. During the relationship, prosecutors charged the defendant with assaulting his girlfriend by slamming her head into the wall. If you’re facing a domestic assault battery charge, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

The stores of the two parties different substantially record what happened the day of the assault. The woman testified that she is getting ready for the day after spending her children school. That’s when the defendant showed up her home and announce and asked to use herself him. She told the defendant phone was next the door and others. At this point, the defendant cursed at her, grabbed her face, and had a her in the nose. The impact broke her nose. The defendant said liquid she may be do. He then refuse to let her call an ambulance. One testified that she promised the defendant she would not tell anyone what he had done.

When she had persuaded him of that, she left the house and called 911. Attorney Stephen Cale has had experience handling domestic assault battery cases. For aggressive and experienced representation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. You need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Attorney Cale’s been practicing for 20 years and dedicates his practice to criminal offense.

The defendant testified that the woman was a habitual drug user. He said that he woke in the morning question to the woman choking him because the couple had exhausted their supply marijuana and cigarettes. He testified that she became more herbal. He picked her to pray with him. Refusing to be placated, she continued her purple salt. Outrage, she told the stop in Nashville he had been her. He testified that when she angrily informed him that she was going to inform his mother, he decide to leave. You need the best Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa has to offer.

Trial started in 2005, there were no other witnesses other than the woman and the defendant. Consequently, the trial court focus on the credibility of the defendant in the woman. There were divergent stories. During direct examination of the defendant, defense counsel stated that he had been convicted of a lot of crimes. The defendant confirmed that this was accurate. Defense counsel fall the by asking him with a knife and convicted of possession of marijuana. He stated that he had. The defendant further testified that he had a drug problem

The right to counsel does not entitled defendant to a careless or perfect representation is judge by the benefits of hindsight. Instead it entitles him or her to reasonable of effective assistance of counsel. In another case, the defendant appeals for convictions for resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. In October, while working as a private security officer an apartment complex police saw a vehicle driving recklessly through complex. It also believe the vehicle posted danger to several pedestrians at the complex. So, he followed the vehicle and it tamed the driver.

If you believe the you’ve been illegally arrested or stop, call the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. We’ll talk with the defendant, he drove the vehicle, the officer noticed the defendant was excited, breathing heavily, talking pass, and making quick movements. The defendant time that he had an open war. While the officers determine whether the defendant had a warrant, the defendant called out to her daughter. The girl was a summary the events outside a nearby apartment. She asked her to take the defendant’s purse. The officer told the defendant’s daughter to maintain a position. The defendant turned to enter person upside down, him to the contents, began rummaging through them.

Tulsa thought she might be looking for a weapon he told her to stop, but she failed to comply. Instead, the defendant began the role of the window and threw something of the pastor window. The officer immediately attempt to remove the defendant from the vehicle demonstrate her. However, the defendant used force to recess by twisting and turning and try to trick away from the officer. She also began taking if the officer try to get free. The fence kicking struck the officer in his legs.

This is a situation in which this person will be the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. The officer eventually was able to place the defendant in handcuffs. By this time, the defendant son and daughter were near the vehicle. The defendant yelled at him to retrieve the contents of her purse. The officer walked the defendant, who continued to resist, to an area where she through the contents of her purse. The officers all baggies and run a contain what he believed to be marijuana.

As he attempted to retrieve them, the defendant stopped her federal them. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will fight to get evidence thrown out. The all service of the defendant and charged her with resisting arrest and possession of marijuana, the substance of the baggie was later determined to be marijuana. The defendant pleaded not guilty to both offenses. The matter proceeded to a jury trial. The jury found her guilty of both offenses. The defendant elected at trial court says or punishment. After hearing, the trial court since the defendant to hundred 20 days in the county jail of the position marijuana charge.

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