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Rape allegations are serious matters. If you’re facing and sex crimes charges, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. A person charged and found guilty with this type of the fence is probably looking at prison time. However, there is a way to fight these charges. Call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale is a skilled and experience criminal defense attorney.

The truth of the matter is, criminal charges must be fought hard. After all, your future, liberty, and reputation are at stake. That’s why you need a hard-hitting criminal lawyer. You need someone like criminal defense attorney Tulsa Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has nearly two decades of experience. Plus he’s the right kind of experience because he dedicates his practice to criminal defense. He is a highly rated attorney.

One the best decisions you’ll ever make is a calling the Cale Law Office. Attorney Cale will get started your case right away. He doesn’t waste time. His goal is to get you the best possible result in your case. The first thing that he will try to want to do is get your case dismissed. This can be done by filing various pretrial motions. One is motions can be to get evidence thrown out. Typically, if the evidence is thrown out, then the case is dismissed. That’s because it severely weakens the prosecution’s case.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has will always look to see if there’s a way to get the case dismissed. There are several ways of doing this. First attorney Stephen Cale will take a look at the charge to see if it’s even valid. He will file a motion to get dismissed if it has not been properly charged. Secondly there’s two opportunities to get a case dismissed during and after a preliminary hearing. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing attorney Cale will as the case to be dismissed for lack of evidence. If the judge denies the request, he will make a number motion for dismissal. This time will be a written motion backed up by a transcript of the case and case law.

In one case, the defendant appealed the trial court’s order denying his motion to reconsider. The request was to an application to be removed from the requirement to register as a sex offender. The Oklahoma sex offenders registration act allows registered offenders to be removed from the requirement to register. Defendant argues conviction from another state was for crime equivalent to one of the two statutes in the removal statute. He argued that he was therefore eligible for removal. The trial court found that was without jurisdiction to grant removal. The defendant contended that the trial court misinterpreted the relevant statute.

The defendant was convicted of rape transportation of the Fortino girl. He less the state failed it is sufficient evidence the crime. In particular he argues that the victim’s testimony was not sufficient to sustain his conviction. On direct appeal, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals denied relief this claim. It found that although the evidence presented against the defendant at trial was not overwhelming, was sufficient for a finding of guilt be unoriginal doubt. The defendant argued that the prosecution did not prove the elements of rape by instrumentation.

If you’re facing a rape by instrumentation, you need an attorney who will fight. You should call the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has two offer. Make the first step by calling the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Attorney Stephen Cale has handled numerous sex crimes cases. He is a skilled and highly rated criminal lawyer. People say that he is well worth the money. Attorney Cale does it make judgments of his clients. His main concern is getting them the best possible result in their case.

Sufficiency of evidence can be considered to be a mixed question of law in fact. Relevant question is whether any rational trier of fact could have found the essential element of the crime be unoriginal doubt. This is viewed in the light of that the evidence most favorable to the prosecution. The Supreme Court has repeatedly have emphasized that person needs the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa. The corpus except a his resolution of evidence as long as it’s within the reasonable bounds. To be sufficient, the evidence supporting the conviction must be substantial. That means must two more than race and mere suspicion of guilt.

In this case, the defendant would’ve been better off with the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has. The victim testified that the defendant was her mother’s ex-boyfriend. During the spring and summer months, when she was 14 years old, she often hung out with him. The two used meth and marijuana together. The teen and the defendant would get together and use drugs at the homes of other people the victim first denied that the defendant had touched her or that she woke up in bed with him. But after court recess, she reluctantly chased her story.

To keep a person from going to prison, it’s often necessary to go to jury trial. If you’re going to case to jury trial, you deafly need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has. That’s because you want a skilled and experience trial attorney. Attorney Stephen Cale has been practicing for nearly 20 years. He has conducted numerous jury trials. You deafly do not want somebody that’s fresh on law school. Experience matters. Is this not violate the time that matters. Want some a who dedicates his practice to criminal defense.

When you meet with attorney Stephen Cale, he will develop a free defense strategy plan document for you. This will outline the steps that he will take in your defense. It’s a roadmap for you so you understand how the criminal Defense process works. Clients say that this is valuable to them so that they know exactly what’s going on. You can see testimonials from satisfied clients at

People feel comfortable hiring attorney Stephen Cale. They like working with one the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has. That’s because attorney Stephen Cale genuinely cares about his clients. Plus he’s an aggressive criminal lawyer. He fights to keep his clients out of jail or prison. He’s deafly somebody that you want to call if you’ve been charged with a serious crime. Call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.