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This is an appeal of a three count conviction for child sexual abuse. This can also can appeal the conviction of child pornography. The following issues were considered on appeal. First was that the trial court reversibly erred when it exclude evidence in support of the defendants for defense. Secondly the question is whether the defendant was denied ineffective assistance of counsel. Lastly, the question is whether the prosecutor engaged in certain forms of misconduct.

Here’s a summary the facts the case. The defendant became a suspect in the case of authorities found his personal computer had accessed a peer-to-peer network. This network Traffic to a child pornography, which is a serious crime. If you’re facing a sex crime, call the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney. Get a hold of the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. For aggressive and experienced criminal defense, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

Activity on the network indicated that the defendant was sharing, or had previously downloaded, a picture of a child engaged in a sexual act. Based on the finding, police obtain a search warrant of the defendant’s residence for evidence of child pornography and child sexual abuse. The warrant was executed in October 2015. When they arrived on the scene, police removed the defendant from the premises. But they did not immediately placed him under arrest. The defendant was detained in the vehicle outside were police conducted a formal interview. The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney will try to never talk to police.

During the investigative detention, the defendant was asked about his profession. You should never talk to the police, according to the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. He explained he works for an information technology field is a computer programmer. The question is true that to the subject of peer-to-peer networks, the defendant determine the interviewed requested to speak with an attorney. During the search, police found a folder on the defense personal computer. He contain thousands of files of child pornography and displays of child sexual abuse.

The state elected to prosecute the defendant for possessing just three of the files. To which were videos in the third was a still photograph. If you’ve been charged with child sexual abuse, hire the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney. You need to hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer right away. For free initial consultation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale.

The defendant minute at trial that he knowingly possessed the files. However he claimed that this position was likely skews because he was using the files for bona fide educational purposes. The defense defense theory was that he was trying to understand the scope of child sexual abuse said that he could propose a solution to the problem. The defendant supported history with the testimony of how his own life have been affected by child sexual abuse. It also testified as to the efforts had taken to raise public awareness of the issue. The defendant testified that his wife because were sexually abuse. He also told the story about how they helped him realize that he too was once an abuse child.

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If you’ve been charged with child sexual abuse, your life, liberty, reputation, and future are at stake. That’s why you need to hire the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney. Attorney Stephen Cale the Cale Law Office has been practicing for 20 years. He is handled numerous sex crimes cases. Plus, he’s the right kind of attorney for your case because he dedicates his practice to criminal defense. Attorney Stephen Cale is a highly rated and skilled Tulsa criminal lawyer. People say that he is well worth the money.

When the defendant first learned of his wife’s abuse, one of his earliest responses was to get his emotions out by writing poetry. In 1990 to the defendant self published a collection of poems. Some of the positive steam such as right and wrong and nastiness in the world. One poem also specifically referenced the abuse suffered by the defense wife. The poems express broach the subject of child pornography. In 2013, after the defendant was indicted by before his trial, and the defendant and his wife co-authored an educational book. If you’re scared of going to prison for child sexual abuse, the contact the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney.

A conviction for sex crimes carries a heavy prison sentence. Plus, you’d have to register as a sex offender. That’s why you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. The book was divided into three parts. In part one, defendant is what described their own histories of sexual abuse. They also talked about the prove base abuse of child pornography on the Internet. In part two, then focused on the problems associated with child sexual abuse. This include the harm to the child is a silent constructs to contribute to the proliferation of child pornography. They argued that one the worst problems as the failure of governments to prior torrent.

The apply that the government should focus more and stop in the people who actually inflict harm against children instead prosecuting those who merely view child pornography. Import three, the defendant’s wife propose several ideas that both individuals and government should take this on these problems. The defendant offered each of his books and evidence, the trial court excluded both of them. The defendant was allowed, however, to testify about the contents of the specs is thought processes as he created them. With such serious allegations of child sexual abuse and child pornography, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer to fight for you. Don’t hire just any attorney. Look for the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney.

In addition to writings, the defendant testified that he try to increase awareness of child sexual abuse there are other forms of media. After his charge, the defendant cohosted the radio program and discussed the subject of child sexual abuse. With assistance of his wife Kelly also create a website. The purpose of the website was to provide visitors with a form to submit personal stories of abuse. Defense idea was that abuse belongs in a museum, not in our lives. The website was founded after charges against the defendant. But by the time of trial, and never been updated.

Stay question the sincerity of the defense affirmative defense. This defendant did not have the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. Neither did he have the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney. The prosecution observed the defendant never approach law enforcement before he decide to investigate child pornography. Even though the defendant knew that online distribution of child pornography was frequently tracked by law enforcement, engaged in misconduct. The defendant also made several others to contact an interview a peer to peer review group. He also did not talk to an attorney for guidance before or during his alleged research. Despite his asserted passion for any child sexual abuse, defendant failed to even aware his wife by his desire to do so.