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The lab technician cannot determine the weight without seats. She also stated that although she did not know the exact number seeds the bags, the seeds were not the majority the bag. The jury determines the credibility the witnesses and the weight to be given to the testimony. The jury heard the officer testified concerning the total weight of the seas marijuana was over certain. The jury heard the lab technician’s testimony that she tested over five ounces marijuana. However she did not test away on the seas marijuana. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

The jury silverback contain the marijuana analyze by the lab technician. After viewing the bag with the endless portion of the marijuana, the jury can determine the quantity of seeds was so negligible at the weight of analyze marijuana when exceeded four ounces. This is so even if the starlight sees had been removed. Further, the jury could have determined that even if the removal the seeds from more than four ounces. Examining on the evidence in light most verbal to the verdict, and the appeals court concluded that there was sufficient evidence. A rational jury could have found beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knowingly possess 4 ounces of marijuana.

In his third issue on appeal, the defendant complains of the jury charge contained an error because it did not instruct the jury on the statutory definition of marijuana. He also argued that the statutory exclusions from the definition of marijuana not in the due process. The defendant did not object to the jury tried to trial. The reviewing alleged jury charge Eric, the appeals court will determine whether not there exist. The trial court has a duty responsibility to instruct the jury on the applicable law to the case. That’s why you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

The trial court’s court instructed jury on each the statutory definitions of the text the meaning of an element of the offense. Marijuana is a statutory definition. Whether particular substances marijuana is an integral element of the offense of possession of marijuana. One of the crime you’re facing, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Therefore, the omission of the definition of marijuana from the charge was error. However, the trial court did not air in admitting the steps towards from the definition of marijuana. The deafness exclude the mature stocks of the plant in the starlight seeds.

Before defendant may request instruction that Sir materials not included in the definition of marijuana. He was put on evidence that the substance contain material excluded by statute. In this case, the defendant did not present any evidence that the marijuana found in the apartment contain any material excluded from the definition of marijuana. The defendant claims he introduced evidence that the lab atlas waited endless portions of the marijuana plant that are excluded in a different mission of marijuana. He points his cross-examination was she testified that she did not remove any of the seeds before wedding the headlines marijuana.

She also did not remove in Germany to seize to determine whether not any the scenes were starless. Statutory definition of marijuana excludes seeds of the plant. Only sterling seeds that are incapable determination excluded from the definition. Defense counsel’s questions regarding knowledge of lewd seeds are not evidence that the seeds included in the endless marijuana were not. Additionally, was nothing he presented evidence that the analyzed marijuana contain any material excluded from the definition of marijuana.

Only sterling seeds that are incapable determination excluded from the definition. Therefore, even if the defendant requested a special instruction statutory exclusions for marijuana, he would not have been entitled to instruction. Because the defendant did not object to the trial court’s failure to defy marijuana in its instruction, we may reverse his conviction only if he suffered a gracious harm from the omission. Here is that resulted in a gracious harm are those that affect the very basis of the case. They must also deprived the defendant of a viable right widely affect the defense theory. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will have jury trial experience.

There’s nothing the record to suggest that the trial court’s failure to include the definition of marijuana cause the defense agree to disarm. Although the defense primary defense strategy was so they did not possess marijuana, he also argued that the weight of marijuana was the within the range the charge. The trial court’s jury charge included instruction for lesser included offense of possession of marijuana of less than two ounces. The appeals court rejected the defense contention that the exclusion of evidence marijuana resulted in a gracious harm to him. Lastly, the defendant argues that the trial court erred in denying a curative instruction. He also said that a mistrial should been sustained after objection to improper comment by an officer regarding the defense post-arrest silence.

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Her occurs when the course states objection appeals give the request instruction to disregard. A comment on the defense postarrest silence violates his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. When confronted with such an error, we must reverse unless we conclude be unoriginal doubt that the error did not contribute to the defendant’s conviction or punishment. If there’s a reasonable likelihood that they are materially affected the jury’s deliberations, then there is harmless be unoriginal doubt. The focus is on the air itself in the context of the trial as a whole, to determine the likelihood that they are generally corrupted the fact-finding process.