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Prosecutors charged the defendant with indecent proposal to a child under 16. He was convicted at jury trial. The judge sentenced him to eight years imprisonment. He appealed here’s a summary of the facts of the case.

Two teenagers went to the Tulsa public library. One of them wanted to the bathroom the sad in the door stalls. The six-year-old testified that the defendant stated they are no. Other men entered the restroom and the defendant left. After the other man left, the defendant reentered again stood at the urinal. The teen stood up pulled up his unaware and start pulling up his pants.

Defendant reentered again and’s stepped into the stall with him. The defendant reached out, grabbed the teens crotch, and whispered let me fill it. The teen responded by merely running on the restroom, buttoning his pants in the library lobby. Potatoes by what happened. But the boys when the lobby for the defendant said that one of them could see them. Shortly thereafter, the defendant left the library walked towards the shopping mall. The boys followed him.

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The defendant doubles back to the library, passing the boys. They went to a public telephone and called an older brother. One elder brother arrived, the three boys walked to the library and look for the defendant. They found him in the restroom, standing at the urinal. The boys waited for the defendant in the lobby. The defendant walked to the table to read a newspaper. He then walked on the library and ran to his car. The boys pursued him.

The defendant’s car and sped away. When the boys copy down the defendant’s license number on the Palm sand. The boys want to the hospital where there motherwort and told her what happened. She called the police. The boys went to church and the mother picked them up later that evening and take them to the police station. All three of the boys testified at trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Lewd Proposal Online Case

The defendant testified and denied having contact with the child other than bumping into them is entered the restaurant. He testified that after the incident, you want his car and got his lunch. The pendant and his lunch and returned to library. He then said he completes his research, want his car and drove to a birthday party. In support of his good character, the defendant introduced evidence showing he holds a top-secret clearance in the Army. Two soldiers testified that his reputation for truth fullness.

On appeal, the defendant asserted that the evidence was insufficient to convict him because of the testimony of the complaining witness was in probable and not backed up. The test for sufficiency of evidence is whether a rational trier of fact we found the crime. Conviction may be sustained upon the uncorroborated testimony the prosecutor witness. The exception is if the testimony appears incredible and so unsubstantial is to make it a worthy belief.

The test marijuana children was loses, clear and afford of ambiguity. His memory and truthfulness were thoroughly tested on cross-examination. The Oklahoma court criminal appeals from his testimony was not consistent. The credibility of a witness in a way to be given to the test is within the province of the jury. The jury may believe one witness pond discounting the testimony of another witness. If you need a lawyer with jury trial experience, get the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

Secondly, the defendant argued that his sentence was excessive. He was sentenced to prison meant for eight years. The possible punishment for crime is imprisonment for 1 to 20 years. When the senses impose within the range of provided by statute, the court will not modified statute unless it shocks the conscience. Here, the appellate court upheld the sentence.

For his third argument, the defendant asserted that the jury instructions were not sufficiently clear. The trial court asked the defense counsel he had any objections to the proposed jury instructions, the defense attorney said that he did not. Failure to object to additional instructions constitute a waiver. Instructions given to the jury within the discretion the trial court. In this case, instructions correctly stated the law.

Language used by this defendant a respectable woman girl is highly offensive and teasing. You tend to excite immediate violent resentment the girls part. The claimant the language use was not indecent is clearly without merit. The circumstances language can be construed as nothing more than a indecent proposal. The evidence at trial showed that a 13-year-old went to Mohawk Park in Tulsa with her brother and two friends. All separated from her friends, one the children solved riding a white horse.

As you continue walking, the man asked you want to make some money? She replied that she did not the man then he asked if she wanted out sex. She told the man know and ran to join her friends. After leaving the incident, she went to a friends house where someone called police. The officer went to the residence to investigate. No matter what you are charged with, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

While in route, the officer received a call for backup. Upon arriving at the park, the officer saw another officer questioning the defendant. The sky had a white horse. The officer then went to the residence where he got information about the incident.