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A jury convicted the defendant of making indecent proposal online. The jury set the husband of one year and a in prison. The judge sentence accordingly. The defendant appealed. Here’s a summary of his case.

In June the defendant visited a man in Tulsa Oklahoma. He spent the night at the home during the visit. The following afternoon the defendant to shower and a nap while the wife and her daughter were in other parts the house. After a short time, the wife called for daughter but got no response. Spin looking for her. When she cannot find her outside she went to the defendant’s room.

The knob was missing the door socially to the home saw the defendant lay on the bed, covered with a blanket. You should try to open up the door, was placed by plates. After getting the door open, she discovered the child fully” played with the defendant. The defendant got online and made comments to a girl that he believed to be under the age of 16. This was an undercover officer pretending to be a teenager.

Next morning, social worker interview the girl and her mother. She determined that the girl needed medical treatment for cancer Chris’s arms and legs. Hard to the hospital, the child told the social worker that her mother spanked her with flyswatter because her mama are doing the nasty things. The defendant testified at trial and denied all incident.

The defendant asserted on appeal that his right to confront witnesses was violated by the videotape. It’s not clear with the statement all special requirements. The state sought to introduce the videotape. In response the judge’s question, defense counsel stated first objection. The Oakland court criminal appeals held that a defendant may waive his right confrontation.

The defendant failed to object to the statutes at trial preliminary hearing transcript of the witness. Although there was no indication that the state and used to diligence to find a witness. The failure to object amount to waiver by the defendant. Defendant was present when his attorney agreed to imitate. The defendant made a statement indicating that he disagreed with his attorney’s decision.

Want to object was a legitimate trial tactic that ensured that the child did not take the witness stand. The like this one of a small child returning sexual contact to be very damaging due to emotional impact on the jury.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Indecent Proposal Online

The charge of making and indecent proposal to a child under 16 carries a hefty penalty. So you want the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has handled numerous sex crime cases. Those include cases where an undercover officer poses as a child under 16. He knows the tactics that these undercover officers use.

In another case, the jury sentenced the defendant to 15 years in prison for first-degree rape and lewd molestation a child under 16. Here’s a summary of the facts of this case. A woman drove home with her children to find a neighbor girl waiting for her. She’s asking to come inside to watch cartoons on TV. On the children were watching television, the child revealed to the woman that she did not like her stepfather because he did best steps. When charged with a sex crime, your future and liberty are at stake. So, you need to call the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has.

The woman took the girl to another room and had explained what she meant. After hearing the girl started, the woman call the doctor, the local child abuse organization, and the police. The police arrived, a child. Her story creatures taken protective custody and place in a false room. Police then arrested the defendant. At trial, jury heard about molestation. The child was able described the sex in graphic detail.

A test me was such that the jury could recently conclude that the child’s account can only have come from personal experience. Additional test may shut the child’s mother had been aware of her husband’s advances for quite some time. However, she chose not to believe her daughter story. Michael testimony was offered which tend to corroborate the child’s testimony. The defendant testified on his own behalf. The child’s mother in her control character witnesses also testified.

The defendant denied committing the various acts. His wife the child process in their belief that the child had been lying. The defendant argued on appeal that the jury’s instruction should include a separate not guilty verdict form. Separate guilty forms provided freight count. The defendant concludes from this that the jury was required to find the defendant not guilty.

Defendant argued on appeal that the court should not have what statements in concerning guilt. Instead, it should been only for impeachment purposes the doctor’s testimony was probably admitted. The defendant argued that his conviction for lewd molestation should be vacated. He argued that because the evidence showed only what continues after rape. The failure to submit a not guilty verdict form to the jury would constitute fundamental reversible error.

Accuses the title to the severity form for every legal conclusion that can be anticipated. The trial court’s failure to comply with that may constitute reversible error. The trial court did submit a not guilty verdict form. It did not specify either the two charges for which the defendant was being tried. While the trial court conference the perverted forms for every charge. Attorney Stephen Cale is a skilled trial attorney. He has handled numerous jury trials, including murder. Call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800 to schedule your free initial consultation.