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Police officers testified that on August 6, his partner right the defendant’s apartment around 11:30 PM. The defendant talk to them through the door but refused open the door. He stated he did not believe that they were police officers. The officer called his sergeant another police officers for assistance. While waiting for a search warrant, police officers remain at the apartment. The continually knocked on the doors or windows in an attempt to give defendant opened the door. Once the police obtained a search warrant, they entered the apartment arrest the defendant. The defendant was only person in the apartment.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will thoroughly cross-examine the states witnesses. This will help undermine the prosecution’s case. Another police officer testified that he his partner search the apartment and found a large baggie containing small bags of what he believed to be marijuana. These were located the clothes hamper inside the bedroom closet. The officer also found about $500 in the pocket of accounting on the law. The officers partner found more marijuana elsewhere in the apartment.

The defendant testified that he did not live the apartment where he was rest. He also said he did not know where the marijuana was found. He stated lived with his sister in another city. However, the knowledge spend the time of the apartments but marijuana. Also, he admitted selling in a $20 backs marijuana to customers who came to the apartment. He denied having exclusive use of the apartment. He also testified that none of the items on the apartment law DM.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa stopper will tell you to never talk to police. The police are trying to make a case and arrest somebody. Rarely do they look for the truth. Once they’ve a theory, confirmation bias sets in. That means that try to find anything to support their theory. It will not look at alternatives that may direct themselves to the truth. You can never trust the police to do the right thing. Talking to the police cannot help you, it will only hurt you.

The defendant denied having exclusive use of the apartment testified under the items on the probability them. According to the defendant, he did not have a right to sister’s house. So, he spent the evening at the apartment watching television. He went to sleep in the bedroom around 11 o’clock. We her knocking at the door, he did not open the door because he did not know who is talking. While the defense. Presence in the apartment with a marijuana was found may not have been sufficient, he was not merely present in the apartment. It is the light most verbal to the verdict on the evidence establishes that the defendant occupy the apartment off and on for about a month.

The defendant slept at the apartment. He also sell marijuana out of it. The defendant controlled access to the apartment making the door locked from the inside in refusing to the officers repeatedly requested open up the door. The defendant alone an apartment when the officers entered. They also found $500 in cash in a coat pocket. Additionally, if a large bag containing smaller banks marijuana in size a clothes hamper in the bedroom closet.

The appeals court concluded that the logical force of all the evidence in this case is sufficient to connect the defendant to the actual care, custody, control, or management of the marijuana found in the apartment. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. To schedule your free initial consultation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. The evidence in this case is both direct and circumstantial. The court looked at coupled with reasonable inferences from the evidence.

His second issue, the defendant contends that the state failed to prove that the weight of the seas marijuana exceeded four ounces. Best the threshold requirement for felony possession of marijuana. The defendant Johnson the evidence that the seas marijuana waiting more than four ounces because the states expert did not remove stems more than a fourth of an inch. Also did not remove starlight sees before Merrill one was weighed. The officer testified that the police all the seas marijuana into a narcotics evidence of low bag. He then took it to the jail to be locked in the evidence.

Before place in the wanted to the police on box, the officer way the marijuana in determining at a total weight of 204.6 grams. That’s the equivalent of little over seven ounces. A drug chemist test is a portion of the substance contained in sealed evidence bag. During her testimony, she described the testing in lysed confirmed the substance was marijuana. She also described how the marijuana was weighed. He stated that she did not test way on the sea substance. Is the policy to analyze substance up to a known weight range. In this case, the less material exceed the weight threshold of four ounces. Test of the remaining substance would not have reached the next weight range of five pounds.

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On cross-examination, the witness testified that she remove any stands greater than one fourth of an inch prior to weighing the test marijuana. She did not remove any of the seeds. Defense counsel asked whether the weight of the marijuana would be less than four ounces of she removed the seats. The witness respond that she lies more than four ounces of marijuana. However, she cannot determine the weight without the seats. She also stated that although she did not know the exact number seeds of the bags, seeds were not a majority of the bag. Hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.